Iraq Yearly Roundup: 1,942 Killed During 2020

At least 1,942 people were killed, and 3,324 were wounded in the various conflicts taking place across Iraq during 2020. Another 1,752 bodies were recovered from various mass graves during the year as well. Thankfully, these figures are greatly reduced from last year’s tallies. Unfortunately, the decline may be due mostly to coronavirus lockdowns and … Continue readingIraq Yearly Roundup: 1,942 Killed During 2020″

Iraq Monthly Roundup: 172 Killed in December

During December, at least 172 people were killed, and 200 were wounded. Last month, at least 151 people were killed across Iraq, and 249 more were wounded. Islamic State-related violence left 20 civilians, 14 security members, and 101 militants dead. Another 24 civilians and 54 security personnel were wounded. Anti-government protests in the Kurdistan region … Continue readingIraq Monthly Roundup: 172 Killed in December”