Hillary’s Secret Weapon

Last weekend, Hillary Clinton dispatched her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to offer a defense of her alleged espionage. The espionage allegations against her are that in order to escape public and Obama administration scrutiny, she had all of her emails as secretary of state diverted from a secure government server to a non-secure server […]

Escalating US Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Civilians in Mosul

USA Today revealed on April 19th that U.S. air forces have been operating under looser rules of engagement in Iraq and Syria since last fall. The war commander, Lt. Gen. McFarland, now orders air strikes that are expected to kill up to 10 civilians without prior approval from US Central Command, and US officials acknowledge […]

The Pentagon Shouldn’t Get To Absolve Itself for Bombing a Hospital

The Pentagon just made it official: No war crime was committed when a US plane attacked the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan last year, killing 42 patients and health workers and injuring many more. At least, that’s the conclusion of its own investigation – nearly all of which remains classified. No war crime, […]

Fighting South of Falluja; 162 Killed in Iraq

Fighting erupted in several villages south of Falluja.

Terrorism: From the Irish Dynamite War to the Islamic State

Bombs explode in a subway. The victims are everyday people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. What follows is outrage: track down the perpetrators. The people who set off the bombs are monsters and inhuman fanatics, thunder the authorities. But the year is not 2016, it is 1883 during […]

It Can’t Happen Here, Can It?

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Every now and then, I teach a class to young would-be journalists and one of the first things I talk about is why I consider writing an act of generosity. As they are usually just beginning to stretch their writerly wings, their task, as I see it, is to enter the […]

What Is the US Military Doing in the Baltics?

Get ready for the new cold war, which will no doubt turn hot if Hillary Clinton gets into the White House: NATO has just announced it is “considering” the addition of 4,000 more troops to be stationed in Poland and the Baltic states, i.e. right on Russia’s western border. The Washington Post helpfully informs us […]

Why Activists Today Should Still Care About the 40-Year-Old Church Committee Report

Today, if you go on Twitter, you can find the NSA tweeting about its commitment to recycling, or the CIA joking about still not knowing the whereabouts of Tupac. Why are these once-sinister and little-known spy agencies so eager to put on a friendly face for us? The answer can be traced back to the […]

252 Killed in Iraq, Including U.S. Soldier

At least 242 people were reported killed in Iraq. The casualties include a U.S. soldier and 18 PKK guerillas, who were killed in Turkish strikes.

Who is the Man Leading Iraq’s Green Zone Revolution?

On May 1, 2003, George W. Bush declared victory in Iraq while preening in a flight suit in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner. Three years later, the country he had invaded descended into a bloody civil war. Eight years after that, the northwest of Iraq was conquered by ISIS. As I write this, thirteen […]