Erdogan’s Excellent Syrian Adventure

What’s a political strongman to do when his economy is weak and another round of financial turbulence is on the way? When political support is languishing and a series of budget-busting construction projects has people shaking their head in dismay? The answer is obvious: he invades another country in order to distract attention and give … Continue reading “Erdogan’s Excellent Syrian Adventure”

Marines, Not McDonald’s: Tom Friedman’s Fortune-Telling Folly

History is over. The world is flat. These were the sort of self-congratulatory and wildly grandiose platitudes that passed for wisdom in the first decade after the United States declared "victory" in the Cold War. Neither slim statement is true – at least not in the sense they meant them – naturally: literally (of course), … Continue reading “Marines, Not McDonald’s: Tom Friedman’s Fortune-Telling Folly”

If Duterte Wants Us Out, Let’s Go

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has just given us notice he will be terminating the Visiting Forces Agreement that governs U.S. military personnel in the islands. His notification starts the clock running on a six-month deadline. If no new agreement is negotiated, the VFA is dissolved. What triggered the decision? Duterte was offended that one of … Continue reading “If Duterte Wants Us Out, Let’s Go”

Eisenhower’s Anti-Interventionist Course for Republicans

It should be an important lesson for everyone that possibly the most antiwar President we have ever had is the only one who spent almost his entire career in the military before becoming President. President Dwight David Eisenhower said in his most famous speech that "In the councils of government, we must guard against the … Continue reading “Eisenhower’s Anti-Interventionist Course for Republicans”

Afghan Troops Say Taliban Are Brothers and War Is ‘Not Really Our Fight.”

The world is waiting anxiously to see whether the U.S. and Afghan governments and the Taliban will agree to a one-week truce that could set the stage for a “permanent and comprehensive” ceasefire and a withdrawal of US and other foreign occupation forces from Afghanistan. Could the talks be for real this time, or will … Continue reading “Afghan Troops Say Taliban Are Brothers and War Is ‘Not Really Our Fight.””

Anti-BDS Laws Violate Our Freedom

Americans’ free-speech and other rights are being violated by state laws aimed at stifling the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) Movement against Israel’s illegal rule of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, both conquered over half a century ago. Twenty-eight states have enacted anti-BDS laws or executive orders that prohibit state agencies and state-financed … Continue reading “Anti-BDS Laws Violate Our Freedom”

Assange’s Extradition Case: Critical Moment for the Antiwar Movement

Last week, Leader of the UK opposition Jeremy Corbyn challenged Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the House of Commons on the US extradition request for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. Corbyn stated that Assange had been charged by the US "for exposing war crimes, the murder of civilians and large-scale corruption". Backing the Council of Europe, … Continue reading “Assange’s Extradition Case: Critical Moment for the Antiwar Movement”