Obama Admits Gap in Russian ‘Hack’ Case

Oops. Did President Barack Obama acknowledge that the extraordinary propaganda campaign to blame Russia for helping Donald Trump become president has a very big hole in it, i.e., that the US intelligence community has no idea how the Democratic emails reached WikiLeaks? For weeks, eloquent obfuscation – expressed with “high confidence” – has been the […]

Trump Against the World

Donald Trump has a problem – he’s virtually alone. It isn’t just that he strays significantly from his own party’s orthodoxy on major foreign policy questions. His conundrum is that even his own cabinet choices very often depart from the Trumpist canon, a fact that may undermine his ability to actually implement his foreign policy […]

A Living Nightmare of Intelligence Groupthink

Originally posted at TomDispatch. They call themselves the U.S. "Intelligence Community," or the IC. If you include the office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which in 2005 began as a crew of 12 people, including its director, and by 2008 had already grown to a staff of 1,750, there are 17 members (adding […]

US Intervention Against Syria? Not Under Trump

The Trump administration may recognize that the Syrian army is the only institution committed to resisting terrorism in its country Gareth Porter A new coalition of US-based organizations is pushing for a more aggressive US intervention against the Assad regime. But both the war in Syria and politics in the United States have shifted dramatically […]

Army Colonel Among 72 Killed in Iraq

An Iraqi colonel was among the people killed in Iraq on Sunday.

More Camp Speicher Victims Found; 88 Killed in Iraq

A new mass grave containing dozens of cadets believed killed in the 2014 Camp Speicher massacre were discovered near Tikrit.

Executions in Kirkuk; 102 Killed in Iraq

Militants executed a number of men in Kirkuk.

Chelsea Manning, A Heroine for Our Times

The commutation of Chelsea Manning’s sentence by President Barack Obama is bad politics – and, from my vantage point, the only moral act on his part that I can recall. It took balls to do this, and for that I have to give him credit. One has to also note that the timing here is […]

What the Clemency of Chelsea Manning Means About Obama

I was desperately hoping to be wrong last week. I was delighted and surprised that I was indeed mistaken about President Obama being unlikely to pardon army whistleblower Chelsea Manning. My cynicism in the previous column was a challenge to the president, almost an act of reverse psychology. Wonder of wonders, Manning will be free […]

Militants Execute Civilians in Mosul; 101 Killed Across Iraq

Militants are taking out their frustrations on civilians in Mosul.