Tweets Are Not Enough, It’s Time To End Some Wars Already

In typical Trumpian fashion, the president threw out some red meat to the antiwar crowd during one of his Twitter storms last week and declared all US troops will be home from Afghanistan by Christmas. Since then, the military has remained relatively mum on the actual plan, and Americans have been bombarded by a deluge … Continue reading “Tweets Are Not Enough, It’s Time To End Some Wars Already”

Nagorno-Karabakh and Unrelenting, Mounting US/EU Pressure on the Kremlin

The fierce conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh is not what it seems.  Least of all is this a civilizational struggle between barbaric Muslim Azeris and victimized Christian Armenians.  That is how it is being portrayed in the United States, in France and in other Western countries where there are substantial Armenian émigré communities which are and … Continue reading “Nagorno-Karabakh and Unrelenting, Mounting US/EU Pressure on the Kremlin”

How To Stuff the Middle East With Weaponry

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Yes, his first act on returning to the White House from Walter Reed Medical Center was to step out on a balcony and rip off his face mask to display to the world that thoroughly contagious look of his. He’s been a killer president in all sorts of ways (as I … Continue reading “How To Stuff the Middle East With Weaponry”

Foreign Policy Questions for the Candidates

Presumably presidential debates have some value. But, truthfully, if you don’t know what Donald Trump, president for the last, very painful, four years, and Joe Biden, in public life for a terrifying 47 years, stand for, you should not be voting. You might find it difficult to choose between the two – seriously, this is … Continue reading “Foreign Policy Questions for the Candidates”

The US Military’s ‘Lessons’ From Nagorno-Karabakh: God Help Us!

It is often said that military leaders tend to train and prepare for the last war. Thus, when the next conflict comes, mistakes are made, early engagements bloody, and sometimes whole wars lost. Each and every time, the past-war preparers styled themselves more forward-thinking than their stale forebears. Yet clinging to the comfort of dogma, … Continue reading “The US Military’s ‘Lessons’ From Nagorno-Karabakh: God Help Us!”

Dying Alone: When We Stopped Caring for Palestinian Prisoners

"No one cares about the prisoners." Over the past few years, I have heard this phrase – or some variation of it – uttered many times by freed Palestinian prisoners and their families. Whenever I conduct an interview regarding this crucial and highly sensitive topic, I am told, repeatedly, that "no one cares." But is … Continue reading “Dying Alone: When We Stopped Caring for Palestinian Prisoners”

Anti-Chinese Racism Sets Stage for New McCarthyism

More than a dozen young visiting scholars from China had their visas abruptly terminated in a letter from administration of the University of North Texas (UNT), Denton, on August 26, in a letter dated …August 26! The letter informed the students that they could return to campus from their lodgings to pick up belongings, but … Continue reading “Anti-Chinese Racism Sets Stage for New McCarthyism”

Is War With China Becoming Inevitable?

"The Indians are seeing 60,000 Chinese soldiers on their northern border," Secretary of State Michael Pompeo ominously warned on Friday. He spelled out what he meant to commentator Larry O’Connor: "The Chinese have now begun to amass huge forces against India in the north. … They absolutely need the United States to be their ally … Continue reading “Is War With China Becoming Inevitable?”