Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness of Interventionism

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “surprise” trip to Taiwan last week should be “Exhibit A” as to why interventionism is dangerous, deadly, and dumb. Though she claimed her visit won some sort of victory for democracy over autocracy, the stopover achieved nothing of the sort. It was a pointless gesture that brought us closer to military … Continue reading “Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness of Interventionism”

DeSantis and Future Foreign Policy Disasters

With his refusal to go along with lockdowns and mask mandates during the pandemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerged as a hero to many in libertarian circles. But as his name is now consistently put forward as a prospective or even likely 2024 Republican Presidential candidate, those who view him favorably should take a sober … Continue reading “DeSantis and Future Foreign Policy Disasters”

Why Resistance Matters: Palestinians Are Challenging Israel’s Unilateralism, Dominance

Until recently, Israeli politics did not matter to Palestinians. Though the Palestinian people maintained their political agency under the most demoralizing conditions, their collective action rarely influenced outcomes in Israel, partly due to the massive discrepancy of power between the two sides. Now that Israelis are embarking on their fifth election in less than four … Continue reading “Why Resistance Matters: Palestinians Are Challenging Israel’s Unilateralism, Dominance”

The Mess That Pelosi Made

In 2015, Robert Parry, the late investigative journalist and founder of Consortium News, wrote an article titled "The Mess that Nuland Made." It summarized the aftermath of the 2014 coup in Ukraine that was engineered by Victoria Nuland, who served in Obama’s State Department and is back working for the Biden administration. Nuland’s coup sparked … Continue reading “The Mess That Pelosi Made”

How the Pentagon Dictates Hollywood Storylines

In what should have been an extraordinary television confession this month, John Bolton, national security adviser in the previous administration of President Donald Trump, admitted to CNN in passing that he had helped to plot the overthrow of foreign governments while in office. Dismissing the idea that Trump had attempted a coup at the Capitol … Continue reading “How the Pentagon Dictates Hollywood Storylines”

Presidents Kill Because They Can

What if the purpose of sending nearly $60 billion in cash and military aid to Ukraine is to extend the war Ukraine can only win if American troops become involved? What if the government is giving Ukraine more borrowed federal dollars in six months than Ukraine’s entire annual budget? What if the government wants American … Continue reading “Presidents Kill Because They Can”

US Interests and Pretenses in a Changing Middle East

In June 1974, cornered by Watergate, Richard Nixon set off on a quick tour of the Middle East. This is something presidents seem to do when they’re in trouble back home. In no foreign region is U.S. statecraft so inseparable from domestic politics. But the unpalatable realities of the Middle East have made it the … Continue reading “US Interests and Pretenses in a Changing Middle East”

Has China Been Bluffing?

British professor Orlando Figes, who specializes in Russian history, wrote that the 2008 Russian intervention in Georgia on the side of the breakaway enclaves of Abkhazia and South Ossetia had exposed American timidity and scuppered NATO membership hopes for Georgia. (Figes, The Story of Russia, (Metropolitan Books, 2022): 285-286.) Was there a lesson learned by … Continue reading “Has China Been Bluffing?”