Trump’s Plan To Fight a Terror War Against the Cartels

The 50-year US war on drugs has been a total failure, with hundreds of billions of dollars flushed down the drain and our civil liberties whittled away fighting a war that cannot be won. The 20 year “war on terror” has likewise been a gigantic US government disaster: hundreds of billions wasted, civil liberties scorched, … Continue reading “Trump’s Plan To Fight a Terror War Against the Cartels”

In Hong Kong, It’s US vs. China Now

At first glance, it would appear that five months of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong had produced a stunning triumph. By September, the proposal of city leader Carrie Lam that ignited the protests – to allow criminal suspects to be extradited to China for trial – had been withdrawn. And though the protesters’ demands escalated … Continue reading “In Hong Kong, It’s US vs. China Now”

The Catalan Leadership Is Serious About Independence

A few days back, Vicente Navarro – who interestingly goes by Vicenç, the Catalan version of his name, when writing in Madrid’s Castilian-language El País – endeavored to provide English-language readers with a run-down of recent social and political happenings in Spain at Counterpunch ("What is Happening in Spain?"). The article has much to recommend … Continue reading “The Catalan Leadership Is Serious About Independence”

Potemkin Patrols: Performing the (Afghan) War

Series note: It has taken me years to tell these stories. The emotional and moral wounds of the Afghan War have just felt too recent, too raw. After all, I could hardly write a thing down about my Iraq War experience for nearly ten years, when, by accident, I churned out a book on the … Continue reading “Potemkin Patrols: Performing the (Afghan) War”

What’s Next for Bolivia After Military Coup?

In 2005, I sat in a lounge off the Senate chamber in La Paz, Bolivia, waiting for an interview. I was wearing my best coat and tie. With my thinning hair and gray mustache, I could pass for a Bolivian of European descent. In fact, numerous people smiled and said "buenos días," as if I … Continue reading “What’s Next for Bolivia After Military Coup?”

Britain’s Chief Rabbi Is Helping To Stoke Antisemitism

Chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has not only misrepresented the known facts about Labour and its supposed antisemitism crisis. He has not only interfered in an overtly, politically partisan manner in the December 12 election campaign by suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn – against all evidence – is an antisemite. By speaking out as the voice of … Continue reading “Britain’s Chief Rabbi Is Helping To Stoke Antisemitism”