Don’t Forget About Yemen

The war on Yemen has not ended, and unfortunately neither has U.S. backing for the Saudi coalition. As Bruce Riedel and Annelle Sheline explain in their recent analysis for Brookings, Biden has failed to cut off support for Saudi coalition offensive operations as he said he would: "As long as the US materially and rhetorically … Continue reading “Don’t Forget About Yemen”

The Profits of War

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Was the Afghan War a disaster? Well, don’t ask Afghans, including the seven children who died in the final U.S. drone strike of that war, how they’re doing, or those about to go hungry as that land suffers a devastating drought while food prices soar, or the possible one million of … Continue reading “The Profits of War”

US Can’t Save the World: That Includes Lebanon

America exists. Therefore it must save the world. That appears to be the view of Foreign Policy columnist Anchal Vohra. Mixing disappointment and shock, she observed: "Unfortunately for Lebanon, the United States has no active plan to rescue the country – nor is there any indication that one is in the works." The obvious question … Continue reading “US Can’t Save the World: That Includes Lebanon”

Are the US and China Stumbling Toward an ‘Islands War’?

In a diplomatic coup, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a deal last week with the U.K. and U.S. to have those Anglo-American allies help build a nuclear-powered submarine fleet for Australia. A $66 billion French deal to provide Canberra with diesel electric-powered submarines, among the largest defense contracts Paris had ever negotiated, was blown off. … Continue reading “Are the US and China Stumbling Toward an ‘Islands War’?”

Mark Milley and the Rogue Military Brass: Dress Rehearsal for a Coup?

Leaks to the news media from a new book, Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa on the last weeks of the Trump administration are generating a firestorm of controversy, especially regarding the conduct of Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. One issue, Milley’s apparently secret communications with Gen. Li … Continue reading “Mark Milley and the Rogue Military Brass: Dress Rehearsal for a Coup?”

How Provocative Are Australia’s Nuclear Submarines?

At the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama realized that the US was "overweighted" in the Middle East, fighting wars against countries that could not challenge American hegemony and "underweighted" in the Asia-Pacific region where there was a country, China, that could. So, Obama pivoted to Asia. The National Security Strategy of December 2017 ranked … Continue reading “How Provocative Are Australia’s Nuclear Submarines?”

Afghan Withdrawal Enhances Long-Term US Credibility

The failure of America’s expensive Potemkin regime in Afghanistan triggered predictable wailing and caterwauling by members of Washington’s War Party. In their view the U.S. can never leave any conflict anywhere at any time lest no one ever again believe that America will defend even itself in the future. Abandon Kabul today and the Russians … Continue reading “Afghan Withdrawal Enhances Long-Term US Credibility”

Despite Its Exit, the US Will Continue To Wage War on the Taliban

The United States has always been a bad loser. Whether it has viewed itself as an imperial power, a military superpower or, in today’s preferred terminology, the “world’s policeman”, the assumption is that everyone else must submit to its will. All of which is the context for judging the outcry in western capitals over the … Continue reading “Despite Its Exit, the US Will Continue To Wage War on the Taliban”

A Bright Future for Weapons and War

Originally posted at TomDispatch. There are always winners and losers, aren’t there? For instance, the seven children who died in that last drone strike the U.S. military launched in Kabul as it was leaving town were certainly losers. Those who ordered that strike against an ISIS-K suicide bomber who wasn’t there… well, no, not actually. … Continue reading “A Bright Future for Weapons and War”