Decision Time in Kosovo Coming?

Is there a chance the Bush Administration will do anything other than muddle through with the failed and failing policies put in place by the Clinton administration in Kosovo and the Balkans? Early on some comments by National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice suggested that it was time to rethink what has in essence become an … Continue reading “Decision Time in Kosovo Coming?”

Bush’s Foreign Policy: The Unfolding Disaster

Encouraged by campaign talk about the virtues of “humility” on the world stage, many hoped that the incoming administration would turn over a new leaf when it comes to foreign policy – or, at least, rake away some of the moldy old leaves left on the White House lawn by the Clintonistas. But the prospects … Continue reading “Bush’s Foreign Policy: The Unfolding Disaster”

The Seven Big Lies About Iraq

ONE –It’s Saddam’s fault that half a million children died since the economic blockade, saddam could feed his people if he cared instead of using his money to buy weapons – “More than one million Iraqis have died- 500,000 of them children-as a direct consequence of economic sanctions… As many as 12% of the children … Continue reading “The Seven Big Lies About Iraq”

National Review, R.I.P.

In my last column, I celebrated the impending death of, the main cyber-repository of liberalism at its most pretentious, and now it is only fair to follow it up with an obituary for National Review – or, at least, the National Review that once was. Once upon a time there was a conservative magazine … Continue reading “National Review, R.I.P.”

Salon, R.I.P.

One aspect of the dot-com downturn – aside from the sudden sprouting of “For Rent” signs all over San Francisco – is the plethora of obituaries for the Internet, and dot-com journalism in general. No less an authority than Howard Kurtz, media maven of the Washington Post, asks “whether the very concept of online journalism … Continue reading “Salon, R.I.P.”

Decision Time in Colombia?

The news from Colombia early this week was anything but encouraging. Over the weekend leftist guerrillas killed six people and kidnapped several others. Bomb attacks in Cali, Colombia’s third-largest city, leveled buildings near a military base and injured three people. A bomb exploded Sunday in Cartagena, a popular tourist spot on the Caribbean coast. Then … Continue reading “Decision Time in Colombia?”

In Defense of Taki

It’s amazing how the Marc Rich pardon story has taken on so many permutations that the real impact of it is lost – and the real meaning missed. Between the Burton committee’s halfhearted investigation, and Mary Jo Whitewash’s efforts – not to mention the involvement of various Rodhams, including Hillary, in other pardons – the … Continue reading “In Defense of Taki”

Georgia On My Mind

Alarm bells ought to be ringing at the news that as many as 200 US special forces will be traveling to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to open up the latest front in the “war on terrorism.” Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, the “ex”-Communist and former Foreign Minister of the old USSR under Gorbachev, has … Continue reading “Georgia On My Mind”

The Anatomy of a Lie

It was a shock to see the headline: “Belgrade helped in planning of Baghdad bombing.” The story in the London Independent by Kim Sengupta claimed that the government of Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica “provided vital information on Saddam’s upgraded air defenses” and “passed on details of the hi-tech fiber-optic radar system supplied to Iraq under … Continue reading “The Anatomy of a Lie”