Washington Promotes Venezuelan Opposition Candidate

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution marks its 25th anniversary this month, despite continuous US-led hybrid warfare to overthrow the socialist project. The Venezuelan government of President Nicolás Maduro has successfully forced the US to de facto engage with it, although Washington still maintains the fiction that the defunct 2015 National Assembly is the “last remaining democratic institution” … Continue reading “Washington Promotes Venezuelan Opposition Candidate”

Why the US Is Reimposing Sanctions on Venezuela

Even the US business magazine Forbes expressed surprise at the reimposition of US sanctions on Venezuela’s gold sales and its threat to do the same with oil. The oil sanctions especially, if reinstated, would precipitate higher gas prices and further debilitate the Venezuelan economy, forcing more people to leave the country out of economic necessity.  … Continue reading “Why the US Is Reimposing Sanctions on Venezuela”

US Military Projection in Latin America and the Caribbean Intensifies

Upon assuming the US presidency, Joe Biden asserted in his first major foreign policy address, “America is back!” For Latin America and the Caribbean, this has meant an “aggressive expansion” of the US military in the region. In just the last year, US Marines and special forces landed in Peru in May 2023, brought in … Continue reading “US Military Projection in Latin America and the Caribbean Intensifies”