A Cancer on the West Bank

Reprinted from TomDispatch. For obvious reasons, the devastation of Gaza has gotten so much of the attention recently, but life, post-October 7th, has also been a nightmare on the West Bank. Among other things, the grotesquely right-wing Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, as the Associated Press reported recently, approved the seizure of … Continue reading “A Cancer on the West Bank”

Early Signs of the Failure of American Global Power

Originally appeared at TomDispatch. In his years in power, Joe Biden and his top foreign policy officials have come up with a distinctly more aggressive and militarized approach to a rising China and, in particular, its claims to areas of the South China Sea or the island of Taiwan. As an old Cold Warrior who … Continue reading “Early Signs of the Failure of American Global Power”

Another American War in the Middle East?

Originally appeared at TomDispatch. Though I was never in the U.S. military, my life experience has been American wars, wars, wars, and more wars. I was born during World War II. I was in grade school when the Korean War took place. I still have a faint memory of a photo of a gleaming American … Continue reading “Another American War in the Middle East?”

The Art of the Submarine

Walk through any art museum and you’re likely to see a mix of the classical and contemporary, impressionist and surrealist, refined and raw, beautiful, eerie, and provocative. Looking at art allows me at least a few moments of relief from the “that’s just the way it is” attitude of our hyper-consumerist, hyper-militarized, hyper-nihilist nation. I … Continue reading “The Art of the Submarine”

Philosopher Kings or New-Age Militarists?

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Hey, electric cars? It’s obvious that they’ve come into their own now that Tesla’s Elon Musk has once again been granted his (no, this is not a misprint!) $44.9 billion pay package by that company’s shareholders after a Delaware judge all too unreasonably tossed it out last year. Admittedly, given court … Continue reading “Philosopher Kings or New-Age Militarists?”

How Daniel Ellsberg’s Moral Power Remains Alive

Strange to think that, without Daniel Ellsberg, Watergate might never have happened, Richard Nixon might have remained president, and the war in Vietnam might have taken even longer to end. So many decades later, it’s easy to forget how, in June 1971, when Ellsberg released those secret government documents that came to be known as … Continue reading “How Daniel Ellsberg’s Moral Power Remains Alive”

Nuclear Armageddon Is Us

Originally published at TomDispatch. It was truly another world. I’m thinking of my childhood years when to “duck and cover” under our school desks, imagining that those modest structures might somehow protect us from an atomic blast, was a normal part of life. And when you walked the streets of New York then, you couldn’t … Continue reading “Nuclear Armageddon Is Us”

Israel’s Onslaught of Revenge

Forget the dead for a moment and think about the living. We’re talking about a minuscule, 25-mile strip of land on which, before recent events began, an estimated 2.4 million people lived, went to school, worshiped, farmed, did whatever. When Israel responded to Hamas’s nightmarish October 7th attack by bombing northern Gaza into rubble and … Continue reading “Israel’s Onslaught of Revenge”

Constant Killing: The Pentagon’s .00035% Problem

Originally appeared at TomDispatch. Yes, the number of deaths in Gaza in the last seven months is staggering. At least, 35,000 Gazans have reportedly perished, including significant numbers of children (and that’s without even counting the possibly 10,000 unidentified bodies still buried under the rubble that now litters that 25-mile-long stretch of land). But shocking … Continue reading “Constant Killing: The Pentagon’s .00035% Problem”

Handling – and Mishandling – the Iran Nuclear Program

One, erratic and often unhinged, blew up the U.S.-Iran accord that was the landmark foreign policy achievement of President Obama’s second term. He then ordered the assassination of a top Iranian general visiting Iraq, dramatically raising tensions in the region. The other is a traditional advocate of American exceptionalism, a supporter of the U.S.-Iran agreement … Continue reading “Handling – and Mishandling – the Iran Nuclear Program”