Globalizing ‘Star Wars’

I know a lot of good conservative Republicans, fierce opponents of US global military intervention, who have signed on the to the Bush administration’s National Missile Defense program for what they regard as good “isolationist” reasons. To begin with, they opine, the US does indeed have a growing number of determined enemies who would like … Continue reading “Globalizing ‘Star Wars’”

What’s Up with the Saudis?

Something really strange is going on in Saudi Arabia, but you wouldn’t know it if your primary source of news is the “mainstream” American media. It is only just now that they are getting around to reporting the facts, and even then, as we shall see, only to a limited extent and without bothering to … Continue reading “What’s Up with the Saudis?”

Tussling in the Bush Foreign Policy Team?

Even as Dubya is earning unexpectedly good reviews for his first couple of weeks in office (a generally meaningless indicator of which the media are nonetheless inordinately fond), especially for his deft handling of domestic issues and Congress, there are rumblings about rifts among the Bush foreign policy advisers. Or perhaps some folks are trying … Continue reading “Tussling in the Bush Foreign Policy Team?”

Who Is Ariel Sharon?

When Ariel Sharon visited an agricultural high school outside Beersheva in the final phase of his campaign to become Israel’s Prime Minister, he was met by 16-year-old Ilil Komey, whose father has suffered from shellshock in the wake of Israel’s illegal 1984 invasion of Lebanon. In a scene recorded by Israeli national television , Ms. … Continue reading “Who Is Ariel Sharon?”

The Myth of the Saddam Bomb

The no-nonsense military affairs columnist Colonel David Hackworth, who gives his readers a grunt’s-eye view of what the perfumed princes of the Pentagon are up to, writes that “war is in the wind. But you wouldn’t know it if you get your news from Brokaw, Jennings and Rather.” Ah, but you would know it if … Continue reading “The Myth of the Saddam Bomb”

Are We To Be Spared Nothing?

Is it me, or have the lies of the War Party reached the point that no one can take them seriously? Not that we ever believed them, but at least before they had some kind of internal consistency, a logic, albeit twisted, that invited refutation. But now, it seems, they are desperately flailing about for … Continue reading “Are We To Be Spared Nothing?”

Bush Team: Good People, No Larger Vision Yet

Once again, I’m mainly passing on information, offering only a smattering of commentary or assessment. The source is an experienced retired diplomat who knows many of and has worked with some of the members of the Bush foreign policy team. He offered his comments last week to members of the Orange County World Affairs Council. … Continue reading “Bush Team: Good People, No Larger Vision Yet”

An Anti-Imperialist’s Reading List: Part One

GOING ALL PEDAGOGICAL I thought that this week I would sketch out a reading list for those wishing to pursue the themes dealt with in this column and at generally. Some of the works listed are popular, some are scholarly, but all contribute to building the framework needed if we are to gain a … Continue reading “An Anti-Imperialist’s Reading List: Part One”

Clinton Pardons Somehow Miss Dr. Wen Ho Lee

Flipping the channels a few nights ago, I stumbled on an interesting story on the WorldLinkTV channel, “Never Fully American,” about the notorious Chinese(-American?) spy, Dr. Wen Ho Lee. Confronted with this disturbing story of yet another hysterical attack by our infamous “Justice” Department that had gone wrong, I quickly scanned the newspaper of a … Continue reading “Clinton Pardons Somehow Miss Dr. Wen Ho Lee”