In my previous article, I pointed out that killing innocent people is terrorism, no matter who does it – freelance terrorists, an international conspiracy, a foreign government, or our government. It would be wrong for our government to respond to this week’s tragedy by committing further acts of terrorism against innocent foreign people. Find the … Continue reading “Retribution”

The Cycle of Violence

My article last Tuesday "When Will We Learn?" provoked more controversy than anything I’ve ever written. In case there was any misunderstanding, here is what I believe: The terrorist attack was a horrible tragedy and I feel enormous sympathy for those who were personally affected by it. I wrote my article hoping that, however unlikely, … Continue reading “The Cycle of Violence”

The Jingoes and the Social Reformers

It has not gone un-remarked in these pages that there seems to be a logical, institutional relationship between those who wish to aggrandize the state at home and those who wish do so abroad. These worthies make up the social reformers, on the one hand, and the Jingoes, or militarists, on the other. Others have … Continue reading “The Jingoes and the Social Reformers”

American Interventionism and The Terrorist Threat

Editors Note: first published this guest column by Mr. Utley on August 16, 2001. On Tuesday morning, September 11, unknown persons attacked various targets in Manhattan and Washington, DC, in what many are already calling the most deadly terrorist (that is, non-state) attack in world history. We are republishing this piece in the hope … Continue reading “American Interventionism and The Terrorist Threat”

The Price of Empire

One can understand the shock, the horror, the unbelief as the war most Americans didn’t know was going on or didn’t choose to acknowledge came home in such a brutal, deadly fashion in lower Manhattan and the Pentagon. This was obviously a coordinated attack, carried out with skill and stealth. Its success reflects a failure … Continue reading “The Price of Empire”

Cheating as a Way of Life

Four students and I were helping Professor Gan clean his backyard. We were probably the first group to do so in the last 50 years. All day we threw old, rotten wood and ancient bricks into a dumpster and smoked cigarettes to regain strength whenever we could. Midway through the sweltering day one of the … Continue reading “Cheating as a Way of Life”