Triumph of the Will

For three successor states of the former Yugoslavia, this fall is all about voting. Macedonian parliamentary elections were held this past weekend, with predictable results. Serbian presidential elections are next on September 29, followed by a general vote in Bosnia-Herzegovina on October 5. It is a time of choice, a time of civic responsibility, a … Continue reading “Triumph of the Will”


The Americans won’t take "yes" for an answer. Here is how the war-maddened Bush administration is dealing with Iraq’s decision to let in the UN weapons inspectors: "Saddam Hussein’s words cannot be taken at face value." – White House press secretary Ari Fleischer "We have seen this game before." – Secretary of State Colin Powell … Continue reading “BACK DOOR TO WAR”

Entangling Alliances Distort our Foreign Policy

As President Bush addressed the United Nations last week, I could not help thinking we have become incredibly mired in the "entangling alliances" another President George – George Washington – warned against. Sadly, many in Washington and the media seem to consider UN approval of our war plans far more important than a congressional debate … Continue reading “Entangling Alliances Distort our Foreign Policy”

The Powell Doctrine:

With the US poised to attack Iraq, it’s helpful to recall what pushed us over the brink last time … the invisible steps and the unspoken consequences. In the fall of 1990, when the US Congress was debating going to war, Amnesty International (AI) released an explosive report detailing how Iraqi soldiers had taken Kuwaiti … Continue reading “The Powell Doctrine:”

Don’t Take the UN Too Seriously

In their speeches before the United Nations both President Bush and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, in different ways and probably for different purposes, made a couple of mistakes that could easily come back to bite them. The chief mistake was to take UN resolutions and statements by diplomats and political leaders too seriously, too … Continue reading “Don’t Take the UN Too Seriously”

How to Destroy America in One Easy Lesson

President Bush now seems hell-bent on a plan that could easily lead to a nuclear strike against America – a strike that could cause a disaster many times worse than the World Trade Center attack. Over and over Mr. Bush has said he’ll do whatever is necessary to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq. (“I’ve made … Continue reading “How to Destroy America in One Easy Lesson”

House Iraq Hearings – Only War Party Allowed to Testify

p> The House Committee on International Relations is holding hearings this Thursday on the question of whether we ought to invade Iraq – and only one side, the pro-war side, is going to be heard. Here is a list of the witnesses: Richard Perle – a chicken-hawk of the first order, who has been all … Continue reading “House Iraq Hearings – Only War Party Allowed to Testify”


No wonder all those crunchy-granola kids hate capitalism, or think they do. Getta loada this from today’s [September 15] Washington Post: "Although senior Bush administration officials say they have not begun to focus on the issues involving oil and Iraq, American and foreign oil companies have already begun maneuvering for a stake in the country’s … Continue reading “ATTACK OF THE GREED-HEADS”

Fighters’ Talk

I went to an evening organised by the Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. It was called "Fighters’ Talk", referring to the title of a well-known book from just after the 1967 war, which exposed the first ideological cracks – hesitations, questions, criticism – of soldiers who had occupied the territories … Continue reading “Fighters’ Talk”

The Ghost of Henry Cabot Lodge

I am not actually going to say much about Henry Cabot Lodge here. He is useful, however, as a symbol of one particular approach to U.S. imperial policy. Lodge was an influential Senator (R., Massachusetts), a crony of Theodore Roosevelt and other high-toned turn-of-the-20th-century Republican imperialists. He was thus one of the architects of what … Continue reading “The Ghost of Henry Cabot Lodge”