The Case Weakens, the Plot Thickens

White House officials have said that the space shuttle disaster will not slow down or alter the president’s plans on war with Iraq. That’s defensible, of course – or it would be if the war itself were defensible. While the loss of the space shuttle and the seven people on it commanded great attention (and … Continue reading “The Case Weakens, the Plot Thickens”

India Should Oppose War on Iraq, But Will It?

Just a day before United States President George W. Bush delivered a fresh diatribe against Iraq in his State of the Union address, India’s Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee did something unexpected. He appealed to the Great Powers to show "great restraint" and "patience" in dealing with Iraq and make "all efforts" to avoid a … Continue reading “India Should Oppose War on Iraq, But Will It?”

The Kook Factor

We’ve heard much about the "radicalism" of the antiwar movement, even as it becomes more mainstream. The War Party focuses on the most marginal elements in an effort to characterize the movement as kooky. This is not only a smear, but an effort to divert attention away from the essential craziness of their own movement, … Continue reading “The Kook Factor”

Smiles and Nods and Handouts

It is now clear – if it wasn’t during the Cold War – that the only way to keep your country free from invaders and despoilers is to maintain a nuclear arsenal and a large army. Missiles and cruisers are important as well, to kill the enemy from afar and threaten his cities. North Korea … Continue reading “Smiles and Nods and Handouts”

Bush’s Smallpox Boondoggle

The national smallpox vaccination plan rolled out with a whimper last week. Part of the Bush administration’s effort to stave off a bioterrorism attack, the vaccination plan was to begin with a strong start in the state of Connecticut by vaccinating 20 or more first-line medical responders who would then fan out and vaccinate thousands … Continue reading “Bush’s Smallpox Boondoggle”

Balkanizing the World

If there were any hopes in the past few weeks, what with the rising tide of antiwar sentiment, that the Empire might turn back from the brink of invading Iraq, the Emperor’s annual speech should have dispelled them. Within a few short weeks, before the weather window closes, there will be war. Baghdad via Belgrade … Continue reading “Balkanizing the World”

Criteria for War

Hans Blix, head of the UN inspection team, has delivered a somewhat ambivalent report on Iraqi compliance with the UN inspection regime. There is undoubtedly enough there to satisfy many elements within the Bush administration, and perhaps the president himself, that Saddam Hussein has once again shown himself nasty enough to deserve a military attack … Continue reading “Criteria for War”

Destroying the Village to Save Weapons Manufacturers

One of the legacies of the Vietnam War is the now infamous quote from an American military press officer, "we had to destroy the village in order to save it." Rings some bells these days. In the name of "fighting terror," countries with secret weapons programs are poised to pulverize Iraq because of its secret … Continue reading “Destroying the Village to Save Weapons Manufacturers”