Do Neocons Exist?

Max Boot starts out his essay on "What the Heck is a ‘Neocon?’" – which should have been titled "Who, Me?" – by claiming to find the label affixed to his political persona "mystifying." Yet he winds up writing a mini-manifesto of the Neocon Creed: "It is not really domestic policy that defines neoconservatism. This … Continue reading “Do Neocons Exist?”

The View From Over Here: Killing the Chicken to Frighten the Monkey

Being an American living in China means never lacking for small talk. During times of peace, conversation tends to be genial. "If I visit Hollywood, where should I stand to see the most movie stars?" is a common query. "Can I really buy a gun at any supermarket in your country?" is another. Recently though, … Continue reading “The View From Over Here: Killing the Chicken to Frighten the Monkey”

Musharraf’s Speech Raises the Nuclear Danger

If Pakistan’s president, General Pervez Musharraf, wanted to send a shiver down the spine of the international community, and remind it that South Asia still remains the world’s most dangerous place, he could not have done so more effectively than he did last Monday while addressing Air Force veterans in Karachi. Gen Musharraf said he … Continue reading “Musharraf’s Speech Raises the Nuclear Danger”

Waning Prospects for Peace in 2003?

As 2002 draws to a close, the prospects for peace seem bleak in the world’s troubled Middle East region. Afghanistan remains in chaos, despite the ouster of the Taliban regime by American forces. Israel and the occupied West Bank territories suffer terrible incidents of violence almost daily, forcing the cancellation of Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem. … Continue reading “Waning Prospects for Peace in 2003?”

Operation Provoke War

In recent weeks, the Bush administration has stepped up efforts to destabilize the Iraqi government, while aggressively deploying troops and ships in a manner that could provoke an attack from Iraq – and provide an excuse to start a war. Over the weekend of December 14 to 16, the U.S. hosted a conference in London … Continue reading “Operation Provoke War”

In Search of a Peace Culture

Perhaps it’s the time of the year. I’m not over Christmas yet – I spent much of the season singing with a quasi-professional (people actually paid us!) caroling group – and some songs stay in my head. The third verse of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" seems especially poignant to me just now: … Continue reading “In Search of a Peace Culture”


One good aspect of the holiday season was that veteran Arab-hater James Taranto, whose column "Best of the Web" runs on the Wall Street Journal‘s website, went on vacation, and the world was spared his unsparing hatred for all things Arab for a few blessed days. Not for long, however: he’s back at the same … Continue reading “A RELIGION OF PEACE?”

‘Nadav’s’ Putsch

The coming elections will be decided – and perhaps have already been decided – by an anonymous person, whose nom-de-guerre is "Nadav". "Nadav" calls himself an "expert" in the service of the General Security Service (known by its Hebrew acronym Shabak or Shin-Bet). According to him, his official title is "chief of the research department … Continue reading “‘Nadav’s’ Putsch”