Iraq Monthly Roundup: 45 Killed in September

At least 45 people were killed, and 12 more were wounded during September attacks. Most of the violence occurred in the north part of the country where Turkish forces and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (P.K.K.) guerrillas continue their decades-long war. During August, 56 people were killed across Iraq, and another 32 were wounded.

Clashes between Islamic State elements and security forces remained rare during September. Only eight militants were killed and four security personnel were reported wounded. Nine civilians were killed, and two more were wounded in other attacks. One Iraqi general estimates that only 500 militants remain in Iraq which, if true, explains the low number of casualties this year.

Probable attacks between Turkish forces and Kurdish guerrillas left 28 dead and six wounded. Among those were one Turkish soldier who was reported killed, and another who was wounded. At least 20 guerrillas from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (P.K.K.) or related-group, People’s Defense Units (Y.P.G.), were also killed, and another was wounded. During an attack on the Arbat Airfield, at least seven people were killed and four were wounded. Turkey intimated that members of the P.K.K. or Y.P.G. were training there and may have been targeted by a Turkish forces. It is unclear if the casualties belonged to the guerrilla groups or were all members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (P.U.K.) security units. The P.U.K. is a legitimate political organization in Iraqi Kurdistan, and its security forces are in charge or the airfield.

In recent incidents:

One P.K.K. member was killed in a Turkish operation.

In Mosul, authorities found a body with gunshot wounds.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.