UN Releases Iraq Report As 191 Are Killed

At least 191 people were killed today and 49 more were wounded. Heavy fighting took place during a failed attempt by ISIS/DAASH to take over Hit, in Anbar province. Meanwhile, the United Nations released a gruesome report on the violence and abuses occurring across Iraq.

The United Nations released a report describing the "staggering array" of human rights abuses in Iraq. They warn that there are reports of other "terrifying" allegations that were left out because they had not been confirmed, yet. Many violations were perpetrated by the Islamic State militants, but they also reported ones conducted by Iraq’s own security forces. They have tallied the deaths of at least 9,347 civilians in these multiple conflicts.

Imprisoned Kurdistan Workers’ Party head Abdullah Ocalan warned Turkey that allowing Islamic State militants to take over they Syrian city of KobanĂȘ and massacre Kurds there would seriously damage ongoing peace talks. A decades-long guerilla war tapered between the two off last year, and a permanent truce was looking likely earlier this year. The P.K.K. had staged many of their attacks against Turkey from bases hidden in northern Iraq. Likewise, Turkey would bomb suspected sites without permission from Baghdad. Should the truce completely end, it can only add another confusing layer to regional issues, such as the expansion of the Kurdish state.

In Hit, militants bombed the police headquarters and several checkpoints. A witness said that militants had raised their flag at the mayor’s office and battles were occurring within the city itself. Coalition airstrikes forced the militants to retreat, but clashes continued outside the city. A Sahwa leader later said the fighting was over, and with the help of the Albu Nimr tribe dozens of militants were killed. At least 20 militants have been counted as killed. At least 42 security members were killed and 32 were wounded. More are missing.

In Tikrit, clashes left four security members dead and eight wounded. Airstrikes killed 22 militants.

Ramadi suffered from car bomb and mortar attacks. Six security personnel were killed in an attack on a base. At least 13 militants were killed in and around the city.

In Mosul, a deputy attorney general was executed a day after her "arrest" by militants.

A roadside bomb killed two Peshmerga and wounded three more in al-Aosaj.

Two soldiers were wounded in Safra, during a battle that also left two militants dead.

A roadside bomb near the Hamrin Dam killed a police officer and wounded four more.

In Balad, militants staged a mortar attack. Three militiamen were killed in a battle. Thirteen militants were killed.

In Diyala province, volunteer fighters and air forces killed 50 militants while liberating 30 villages.

Six militants were killed near the Adhaim Dam.

Security forces killed six militants in Warrar Camp.

Dozens of militants were killed in Yathrib, Duluiya, and Ahbab.

Airstrikes and clashes took place in Yathrib.

Duluiya also saw airstrikes.

Clashes occurred in Haditha.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.