Monday: 102 Iraqis Killed, 120 Wounded

Updated at 12:15 a.m. EST, March 4, 2008

Several bombings and other violence left 102 Iraqis killed and 120 wounded. The figures include new casualties from a previous reported bombing in Samarra. Among today’s dead and injured are a woman and children, who were accidentally targeted by British troops in Basra. Also, Iraqi army troops beat journalists covering a bombing in Baghdad. No Coalition deaths were reported.

In Baghdad, five dumped bodies were found. A suicide bomber killed as many as 22 people and wounded another 43 at a checkpoint manned by police and Awakening Council members in the Bab al-Muadham district. In Ghadeer, another suicide bomber killed four and wounded 10 others at an Iraqi army checkpoint; at least five journalists were beaten by Iraqi army personnel as they were trying to cover the incident.. Three people were killed in Waziriya when an IED blew up there. A bombing near the al-Shurta tunnel left three Iraqi soldiers wounded. A gunmen was killed and 15 others were arrested during security operations; three soldiers were killed and three more were injured as well. A roadside bomb in Zayouna only caused damages to a Colonel’s vehicle. Also, a key Sadrist leader and health ministry undersecretary was released for lack of evidence against after spending a year behind bars.

A truck bomb killed seven people and injured nine in al-Huweish, western Samarra. Women and children were among the casualties. The number of casualties from yesterday’s bombing rose by four dead and 21 injured. Also, a mass grave containing as many as 18 bodies, possibly belonging to Iraqi security personnel.

As many as four people were killed and four others were wounded in the Hussein neighborhood when the British troops fired artillery in defense of their base in Basra. One of the dead was a woman and several of the casualties were children. Gunmen killed a senior police officer from Nasariya and three companions in central Basra.

A suicide car bomber in Shurqat killed two policemen and wounded nine others.

Four people were wounded during a Katyusha rocket attack in Saidiya.

In Buhriz, a roadside bomb wounded three people.

A policeman was gunned down in Numaniya.

U.S. forces killed five suspects and detained nine more during operations in northern and central Iraq.

Iraqi security forces killed 10 and arrested 12 others during raids in Diyala province.

Seven suspects were arrested in Hawija.

In Amara, nine suspects were detained.

Three suspects were arrested near Kut.

A gunman was arrested in Ramadi.

In Anbar province, 25 detainees were released.

A large weapons cache was discovered in Samawa. More weapons were found in Khalis.

In Mosul, two civilians were wounded during an armed attack in the Senaat Wadi Ekab district. A suicide bomber injured a civilian at a checkpoint in al-Thawra. A car bomb targeting a U.S. patrol failed to injure anyone. Also, gunmen blew up exploses at a car lot, but no casualties were reported.

Gunmen in Kirkuk wounded an Awakening Council (Sahwa) member and two women.

Six bodies were found in Mahmudiya. They belonged to members of a wedding party who disappeared in 2005.

One Iraqi soldier was killed during a mortar attack in Suleiman Pek.



Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.