Friday: 2 GIs, 62 Iraqis Killed; 126 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 12:51 a.m. EST, Mar. 17, 2007

At least 62 Iraqis were reported killed or found dead today and another 126 were wounded. Also, the U.S. military reported that two more American servicemembers were killed in separate incidents yesterday.

An American soldier was killed when a bomb blasted his patrol in the Salah ad Din province, and a Marine died from non-combat related causes in Anbar province. Gunmen also attacked a U.S. patrol in Tikrit, but no casualties were so far reported.

In Baghdad, mortars killed one and wounded five in the Zaafaraniya neighborhood. A civilian was killed and four others wounded when a roadside bomb exploded in the Shula neighborhood. In the Muasllat neighborhood, mortars killed three members of one family. Clashes took place in the al-Washash area, but no casualties were reported. Also, nine dumped bodies were discovered.

Coalition forces killed 17 suspected militiamen in Yusisiya

Several mortars fell in Hilla where they killed one person and injured 12 others.

A bomb placed next to a Kirkuk police station killed two policemen and a civilian while injuring eight more people. Four corpses, including two belonging to policemen were found bearing gunshot and torture wounds.

Security campaigns in Baquba are focusing on the recovery of the director of Sunni Endowment, Fouad Mahmoud Attiya, who was kidnapped on Wednesday.

In Basra, British troops came under heavy fire but no casualties were reported.

A member of the Missan Chamber of Commerce and former member of parliament during the Saddam regime, Jabbar Sindi, was gunned down in Amara last night.

Gunmen in Suwayra killed a member of the government facilities protection service.

At a fake checkpoint in Diyala, three Kurd brothers were killed; two of the brothers were under ten years of age. Nine bodies were also found in the province.

At least 15 people were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated his vest in Balad Ruz.

U.S. troops killed a man they discovered preparing a bomb on a road near Abu Ghraib.

At Taji, U.S. troops killed five gunmen.

Late in they day, a tanker truck was blown up near Ameriya al Fallujah. Unconfirmed reports put the number of casualties at three dead and 79 wounded.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.