Thursday: 98 Iraqis, 6 GIs Killed; 88 Iraqis Injured

Updated at 11:40 p.m. EST, Mar. 15, 2007

At least 98 Iraqis were reported killed or found dead today and 88 more were injured. Several Saudi and Syrian fighters were also killed. And, six American servicemembers were killed in separate incidents.

The U.S. military reported that four American soldiers were killed and two more wounded today when a roadside bomb in Baghdad blasted their unit. Yesterday, a soldier was killed in combat and a Marine died from non-combat related causes, both in Anbar Province. Also, U.S. forces killed an Iraqi soldier and wounded three in Mosul when they mistakenly believed the men to be militia members. Another civilian was mistakenly killed in Baji. In Balad, U.S. troops killed two gunmen and detained 11 more.

In Baghdad, a suicide car bomber killed eight Iraqis while injuring 29 more people at a security checkpoint in the Karrada district. A separate suicide car bomber at a Yarmouk area checkpoint killed one soldier and wounded two civilians. A mortar killed one and wounded another in Sadr City. A guard working for the Housing Minister was gunned down in the Kadhamiya district. Sadr City’s top official, Rahim al-Darraji, was injured and two bodyguards were killed when gunmen attacked their convoy in the Habibiyah area. Two policemen were gunned down in southern Baghdad. A vegetable dealer was killed as he was trying to carry a bomb away from a populated area in Sadr City. Also, 17 bodies were recovered in the city.

Six people were killed and 23 injured in Iskandariya when a car bomb detonated as a mini-bus carrying state employees drove by.

Clashes followed an attack on a police station in Dhuluiya. Five gunmen, which included Saudi and Syrian fighters, were killed. A policeman was killed and another one was injured. In a separate development, dozens of policemen quit their jobs after receiving death threats. Also, three bodies were discovered.

Eleven bodies were found scattered around Baquba. A suicide car bomber wounded 13 people at a checkpoint.

In Mosul, a car bomb wounded a policeman. Gunmen shot dead another policeman and a cook working for the police department. Yesterday, a previously unreported car bomb killed two and wounded eleven.

Two charred bodies bearing blindfolds, handcuffs and torture wounds were discovered in Kirkuk.

The body of a kidnap victim was found in Diwaniya. Three unidentified bodies were also found.

The Kefil office of al-Sadr political movement was set on fire yesterday, but no casualties were reported.

The bodies of two women were found in Shurqat.

A senior member of the Mahdi Army was killed in Basra.

In Diyala, five civilians were killed when gunmen blew up two petrol stations.

A senior police official and his driver were shot and killed in Tikrit. The body of a policeman was found in a town south of Tikrit.

Two civilians were wounded and three were kidnapped in Muqdadiyah. Four gunmen were killed and 10 detained.

Gunmen killed two motorists in Khalis.

Five petrol station guards were killed and their bodies burned in Kanaan.

Gunmen killed a policeman in al-Hartha.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.