Peshmerga Killed in New Anti-ISIS Operation; 10 Killed in Iraq

Overall, at least 10 people were killed across Iraq:

Five Peshmerga were killed during a security operation at Mount Qarachukh, near Makhmour. Several were wounded. The number of militants killed was not released.

A protester died of his injuries in Karbala.

In Mosul, a policeman was shot dead.

Three militants were killed in the Hamrin Mountains.

Demonstrations continued on Monday but were tempered by arrests and unbearable heat. No new casualties were reported, but one person died of injuries received on a previous day.

A group claiming to be the leaders of the protests, the Coordination Board for Peaceful Protests and Demonstrations in Basra , issued a list of 14 demands on Monday.

Unfortunately, a potential solution to one of the demonstrator’s complaints, electricity blackouts, did not materialize on Monday as hoped. The Ministry of Electricity announced that discussions with the Iranians over increasing the electricity supply failed. Iran has been forced to reduce the amount of electricity it imports into Iraq over missed payments and its own increased consumption.

Internet access was somewhat restored on Monday. The government claimed that technical glitches was the cause for the disruption. Demonstrators believe the government tampered with access in order to stop information from flowing between protesters.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.