HRW Blames Yazidi Militia for Executions; 69 Killed in Iraq

A flight ban instituted on Kurdistan airports after the September independence referendum has been extended for two more months. The punishment imposed by the Iraqi government will now run until at least February 28, 2018.

Federal Police forces are being accused of removing Kurdish residents from the homes in various areas of Kirkuk province.

Sair al-Bayati, the representative of the Arab tribes in Tuz Khurmatu is accusing Shi’ite militias of kidnapping Sunni Turkmen for ransom. He says hundreds have been detained.

Militant activity in Kirkuk province has displaced 200 families.

At least 69 people were killed or declared dead, and nine more were wounded:

Human Rights Watch is accusing Yazidi militiamen of executing 52 civilians from the Jahaysh and Imteywit tribes in Qabusiye, near Sinjar, in June of 2017 and later.

In Mosul, gunmen killed a militia leader and two bodyguards. A dumped body bearing Daesh threats was found.

In Kirkuk, gunmen killed two officers at the Intelligence and Security Directorate in Shoraw district.

A roadside bomb in Gaida killed two soldiers; a subsequent shooting wounded two more.

A clash near Amerli left two security personnel wounded and four militants dead.

One Sahwa fighter was killed and another was wounded in a blast in Madaen.

Gunmen killed a man in Hibhib.

In Baghdad, a bomb wounded four civilians.

Three militants were killed in the Hamrin Mountains.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.