Bloodshed in Baghdad; 84 Killed in Iraq

Several mass graves were discovered in Yazidi territory recently taken from Islamic State militants.

At least 84 were killed and 138 were wounded:

In Baghdad, a bombing left 14 dead near a Karkh pension office and wounded another 44 people. A series of bombings killed seven and wounded 19 more. Also, the casualty figures from a bombing near ice cream shop last night were raised today by three dead and 45 wounded to a total of 16 dead and 75 wounded; an Australian girl on vacation was among the victims.

A suicide bomber in Hit killed 12 people, including seven security personnel, and wounded 24 others.

Four militiamen were killed and two more were wounded in a shooting in Qara Tapa.

An explosion in Muqdadiya killed three and wounded four.

At various locations west of Mosul, 38 militants were killed.

In Dibs, two militants were killed.

  • Author: Margaret Griffis

    Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.