US Admits to Possible Civilian Casualties; 263 Killed in Iraq

Iraqi troops, supported by Coalition airstrikes, staged several operations within Mosul.

Unfortunately, the U.S. military said one of those airstrikes may have left civilian casualties. The strike targeted a van believed to be transporting militants, but when the strike occurred it was located in a maternity hospital parking lot.

Kurdistan Health Minister Rekawt Hama Rashid lamented that the autonomous region does not have the capacity to take care of more injured people from Mosul. The region’s hospital have already tended to 13,500 casualties, both civilian and military.

At least 263 were killed and 37 were wounded:

In Baghdad, several attacks left 13 dead and 35 wounded.

A roadside bomb killed a mother and child fleeing Hawija.

In Adhaim, a bomb killed a policeman and wounded another.

Militants in Sharqat executed a soldier.

A policeman was wounded in a bombing in Jbela.

In Mosul, shelling left seven civilians dead. A sniper killed three young people. A failed attack on the southeast left 107 militants dead. Seventy more were killed on the northern fringes of the city. Another 41 were killed in eastern neighborhoods. An airstrike killed a prominent leader. 

Ten militants were killed in Swagi.

Seven more were killed in Zerga.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.