Mass Grave Found in Fallujah; 125 Killed in Iraq

Colonel Chris Garver, the U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, reported on the deployment of a floating bridge on the Tigris River near Qayara. Ten U.S. soldiers helped Iraqi security forces set up the bridge, which will be an essential tool in the upcoming operation to free Mosul.

At least 125 people were killed and 45 were wounded:

A mass grave containing 25 victims was found in Fallujah.

In Baghdad, a woman and four children were killed when mortars landed on the al-Salam displaced persons camp; at least seven others were wounded. A suicide bomber killed six people, including three policemen, and wounded 15 more at a Shoala market. A blast killed two civilians and wounded five more in Saidiya. In Rashidiya, three intelligence officers were shot dead. Iraqi forces killed two suicide bombers.

A bomb in Rutba killed a police commander and two aides; four soldiers were also injured.

A bomb at a Yusufiya market left three dead and nine wounded.

Two militiamen were killed when a booby-trapped house exploded in Garma.

A strike killed a militant judge and two aides, but it also left six civilians dead who were in custody.

In Mosul, militants executed 17 of their commanders for deserting the frontlines at Qayara.

Airstrikes left 16 militants dead in Baghdadi.

Clashes in Bazwaya left eight militants dead and five wounded.

Eight militants were killed in a strike on Jazirat al-Khalidiya.

Seven more militants were killed in strikes on Albu Ali al-Jassim.

A strike on Shirqat killed another seven.

In Hawija, a strike killed a militant communication expert and several bodyguards.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.