Fighting Continues in Fallujah; 240 Killed Across Iraq

Although victory was declared in Fallujah on Friday, Islamic State militants continue to fight and hold ground in northern neighborhoods. Between 50 and 70 percent of the city is in government hands.

The Norwegian Refugee Council said that 30,000 people have fled Fallujah since Daesh began their retreat on Friday. The United Nations believes the total number of displaced in Fallujah and surrounding areas during the current operation is about 84,000 altogether.

Security forces have taken custody of 354 Yazidi women and girls who were being held by militants in Fallujah. The group is safe and being moved to Kurdistan.

At least 240 were killed and 19 more were wounded:

In Fallujah, a Shi’ite militiaman and a boy were wounded as the man tried to carry the boy to safety. A suicide bomber was killed before he reached his target. Sixty militants were killed while fighting.

Shi’ite militiamen are accused of raiding an Amerli prison and murdering nine Sunnis held there.

A bomb killed two people and wounded nine more in Mahmoudiya.

In Shakran, three tribal leaders were shot dead.

A federal policeman was killed in a roadside blast near Sharqat.

Gunmen shot and killed a nurse at Muqdadiya hospital.

In Shaikhi, a blast wounded two soldiers.

Airstrikes on Qayara left 54 militants dead.

Peshmerga forces killed 30 militants in Sinjar.

Thirty militants were killed in clashes in the Makhoul Mountains.

In Ramadi, battles left 17 militants dead. An airstrike killed nine militants.

In Hawija, a strike killed nine militants, including a commander. Another airstrike killed a militant explosives expert and wounded six others.

Militants executed 13 of their own in Mosul.

An airstrike on Kharba Shamam left tens of militants dead.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.