Fighting Continues near Fallujah; 254 Killed in Iraq

At least 254 were killed and 10 were wounded in recent violence:

About 130 Iraqi soldiers have been killed in the Fallujah operations, according to unofficial reports. Yesterday, 92 deaths of security personnel of unknown affiliation were reported. Assuming they were all Iraqi soldiers, this would raise the number of estimated military deaths by 38 killed. Baghdad officials refuse to release any believable casualty figures for the military, and these estimates cannot be confirmed independently due to the fighting.

A bomb in Baghdad killed one person and wounded nine more.

In Hawd, gunmen killed one person and wounded another.

A bomb killed a militiaman in Tuz Khormato, where tensions between Kurds and Shi’ites are ongoing.

Sources in Mosul report that 89 militants were killed at the nearby frontlines.

In Nuaimiya, 50 militants were killed.

Strikes killed 34 militants in Qayara.

A strike on Falahat killed 12 militants.

Airstrikes killed 10 militants in Shirqat, including a judge.

Ten suicide bombers were killed in Sejar and Kubeisa.

Eight militants were killed in a strike on Albu Ziyab.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.