String of Bombings, Clashes Leaves 303 Dead in Iraq

Coalition forces conducted an airstrike on the occupied Turkish consulate in Mosul after consulting with Ankara on the operation.

At least 303 were killed and 133 were wounded:

Iraqi forces briefly held Nasr village on Monday before having to withdraw a few hours later. Militants counterattacked, killing 20 soldiers and wounding 25 more. At least 30 militants were killed in the fighting. Nearby, Peshmerga forces killed a suicide bomber.

A suicide bomber struck at a Nasariya restaurant frequented by Shi’ite militiamen; he killed 14 people and wounded 27 more.

Five people were killed and 10 were wounded when a suicide bomber attacked a commercial area in Basra.

In Baghdadi, seven suicide bombers killed seven soldiers and wounded six more. At least eight other people were wounded in separate attacks, including the head of the city council.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed six troops and wounded 13 more in the Sadr al-Qanat neighborhood.

A suicide bomber killed four security members and wounded 10 more at a paramilitary base in Mashada.

Mortars killed two people and wounded seven more in Abu Ghraib.

About 70 militants were killed during operations in Hit.

In Albu Shejil, security forces killed 34 militants.

An accidental explosion killed 30 militants and wounded 15 more in Rashad.

Airstrikes on Nimrod left 26 militants dead and 12 wounded.

Fifteen militants were killed during clashes in the Ajil oil fields.

In Hawija, militants killed 15 of their own on charges of spying.

Eight militants were killed in Garma.

An airstrike on Mosul killed five militants including a wali.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.