Bomber Strikes Baghdad; 124 Killed in Iraq

Several Peshmerga members were replaced by a Kurdish “Black Force” unit in Tuz Khormato. The new team is there to resolve ethnic and sectarian tensions in the city.

At least 124 were killed and 35 were wounded:

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber in Tayaran Square killed seven people and wounded 23 more. One policeman was killed and four more were wounded in a blast in Arab Jabour.

Militants killed 11 members of a policeman’s family, including the policeman, during a home invasion in Samarra.

In Mosul, militants killed three men they claimed were Peshmerga soldiers. Five doctors were also executed. Fourteen militants were executed for fleeing their posts.

Four bodyguards were wounded when a bomb near Ramadi blasted a convoy carrying a secretary general.

Strikes on Albu Diab left 24 militants dead.

A strike left 20 militants dead near the hospital in Hit.

Five suicide bombers were killed during a failed attack on Khirbirdan. A Coalition strike killed 12 more militants nearby.

Security forces in Makhmour killed 10 militants.

In Albu Obeid, seven militants were killed.

Security forces killed four militants and wounded four more in the greater Garma region.



Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.