64 Killed in Iraq as Clashes Erupt in Hit

Kurdish Special Forces rescued a Swedish teenager from Islamic State militants. The 16-year-old girl says that she was duped into traveling to Syria, then Iraq, by a boyfriend who had been radicalized. At some point, she was able to call her family and tell them she wanted to come home. She was located near Mosul.

Residents report the sudden disappearance of Daesh militants from the eastern areas of Mosul. It is unclear if the nearby deployment of security forces in possible preparation for an assault encouraged the militants to flee.

At least 64 were killed and 17 were wounded:

A dozen people were executed for attempting to escape Falluja.

Militants executed four young men in Hawija. Airstrikes killed three militants and wounded two more.

In Baghdad, a bomb at a produce market left one person dead and nine wounded. Gunmen killed an army officer. A grenade attack wounded one civilian.

A blast in Taji killed one soldier and wounded five more.

A civilian was gunned down in Kirkuk.

In the greater Mosul region, 12 militants were killed in separate strikes.

Nine suicide bombers were killed in Garma.

Clashes in Hit left four militants dead.

In Heitween, three militants were killed.

Three militants were killed in Hamoud Aziz.

In Albu Risha dozens of militants were killed.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.