Mass Grave Found in Ramadi; 118 Killed in Iraq

Three American citizens who were kidnapped in Baghdad last month were released. The three men have been handed over to the embassy and were scheduled to leave the country late Tuesday.

Canada has asked the Iraqi government to investigate the deaths of 55 Yazidis, not at the hands of Islamic State militants, but possibly by Shi’ite militias instead.

At least 118 were killed and 13 were wounded:

The body of a U.N. representative was identified on Monday. Amer al-Kaissy, a local staffmember, was abducted last April in Diyala province. Baghdad was asked to help locate and free him, but the request went unanswered. His body was discovered near Baquba last November, buried last month, and identified this week. There is concern that Shi’ite militias were involved in his execution.

Several hundred Arab Iraqis are trapped between Peshmerga and Islamic State forces near Sinjar. Two children and two women are believed to have died of exposure already. The rest are threatened by lack of food and water. Because the Kurds have pushed out Arabs after retaking Sinjar, the group may fear asking the Peshmerga for help.

Nine crewmembers were killed when a technical malfunction brought down an Iraqi military helicopter in Kut.

A mass grave containing 50 bodies was discovered in Sufiya, near Ramadi.

A midday bombing at a market in Yusufiya left one dead and nine wounded.

In Albu Kraibish, a civilian was gunned down.

Security forces killed 16 militants in Sharqat.

Airstrikes on Fatha left 15 militants dead.

Nine militants were killed and two were wounded in operation in Tikrit.

In Albu Shejil, seven militants were killed in strikes.

Four suicide bombers were killed in Harden.

In Albu Khanfar, three militants were killed.

Two militants were wounded in Garma.

Security forces killed a militant in Heitaween.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.