4409 Killed in Iraq During January

Culling numbers from media reports, Antiwar.com found that 931 people, mostly Iraqis, were killed, and 580 more were wounded. The Islamic State, Naqshbandi Army, and other militant groups lost 3,478 in fighting or by execution. Another 261 were reported wounded.

The United Nations also released its casualty figures for January. They estimate that 849 Iraqis were killed and 1,450 were wounded. At least 490 of those killed and 1,157 of the injured were civilians. They do not count casualties in Anbar nor among the militants. However, the numbers from Anbar province’s health department are 56 killed and 248 injured.

Combining the two counts, at least 4,409 were killed, and another 1,959 were wounded. In light of the fighting in Anbar province and the recapture of Ramadi, it stands to reason that these numbers are low. They should be considered conservative estimates at best. The Iraqi government appears to be concealing the number of security casualties, while at the same time over-estimating militant deaths. The actual figures may never be known.

Recent violence left 250 dead and 27 wounded:

Seven people were killed, including children, and five were wounded when two roadside bombs exploded in Hit. The bombs were meant to deter people fro fleeing the city.

In Baghdad, a civilian was shot dead.

Three Peshmerga were killed and three more were wounded in a blast near Khanaqin.

A soldier was gunned down near Muqdadiya.

An airstrike near Kirkuk left 60 militants dead and 15 wounded.

In Anbar, 48 militants were killed in separate operations.

Peshmerga forces and tribal fighters backed by airstrikes killed 35 militants while liberating three villages in the Qayara area.

In Tal Keif, strikes killed 26 militants and wounded four others.

At least 24 militants were killed in strikes on the GwerMakhmour front.

In Mosul, 20 militants were executed on charges of desertion. Unidentified gunmen killed a Daesh leader and three companions. Militants blew up 10 Christian homes.

Thirteen militants were killed in a strike on Shirqat.

Airstrikes on Hawija left five militant leaders dead.

Three snipers were killed in Madhiq.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.