Over 3,300 Killed in Iraq during November

During November, this column found 3,341 people were killed and 1,776 more were wounded in violent encounters across Iraq. That’s up from the 3,071 killed and 1,160 wounded in October. These numbers attempt to reflect the total number of casualties, but that may be an impossible task. Numbers from behind militant lines are difficult to accurately gauge, and the Iraqi government has been known to inflate or deflate numbers at will. They should be considered only an estimate, perhaps a low one.

Antiwar.com found that at least 482 civilians were killed and 574 were wounded during the month. Security personnel lost at least 229 members, while another 215 were wounded. According to media reports, 2,852 militants were killed and 539 were wounded.

The United Nations released its November data on Tuesday. Their Iraq personnel found 489 civilians and 399 security members were killed. They do not attempt to count militant casualties nor any casualties in Anbar province. At least 1,237 civilians and security personnel were wounded.

Combining the counts, we have 3,341 dead and 1,776 wounded.

In other news:

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter testified before the House Armed Services Committee, where he admitted that Special Forces have already been involved in combat operations. He further elaborated that more Special Forces personnel will be deployed to Iraq.

Highlighting the fractured state of the Iraqi government, Shi’ite militias have vowed to fight any American deployed in Iraq. Although the American troops would have Baghdad’s permission to be in Iraq, the Shi’ite militiamen, many loyal to Iran, operate well outside the law.

Having encircled Ramadi, the Iraqi military dropped leaflets urging civilians to flee the city before the main assault. However, residents say that they are being threatened with death if they attempt to leave. They also are calling on troops to hurry because they are running out of food and medicine. Leaflets warning civilians to stay away from Islamic State flags were also dropped on Hit.

Attacks and clashes left at least 91 dead and 16 wounded:

Gunmen riddled a car belonging to the head of the Kirkuk provincial council’s Arab bloc, killing him and injuring his wife, as the pair drove through Kirkuk.

In Mosul, militants killed six tribal chiefs. An airstrike killed four militants.

A suicide bomber in Zammar killed five Peshmerga and wounded seven more.

In Hawija, three women committed suicide after being forced to marry militants.

Three tribal elders were executed in Baaj.

A bomb near an Abu Ghraib market left two dead and eight wounded.

In Qaim, three militants leaders were killed. At least 29 other militants were killed.

Eleven militants were killed during a strike on Tal Keif.

Airstrikes left nine militants dead in Makhmour.

In Tal Afar, an airstrike killed eight.

Seven militants were killed in Husayba.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.