Policemen and Tribal Leaders among 105 Killed in Iraq

New details about the hostages freed in rescue mission that left an American soldier dead in Iraq are emerging. The operation took place in Hawija last week and successfully liberated 69 hostages. These men are now telling their stories.

Member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Committee for Security and Defense Affairs Shakhawan Abdullah is investigating claims that Shi’ite militias are kidnapping Kurds and demanding ransom.

At least 105 people were killed and 21 more were wounded:

In Mosul, militants executed a former policeman for failing to carry his “repentance document” while on a trip from Shirqat. Six more were executed after having been kept in prison for several months.

A suicide bomber attacked militiamen in the Thar Thar region, leaving two dead and 10 wounded.

In Qayara, militants executed three clan leaders from the Jabour tribe.

Two militiamen were killed and another was wounded in a blast in Massoud.

Shelling left four civilians wounded, including a child, in Abu Saida.

In the Makhoul Mountains, 26 militants were killed.

Iraqi artillery fire in Albu Hayat left 21 militants dead and six wounded.

In Ramadi, an attack on the university left 17 militants dead.

Nine snipers were killed in Baiji.

Ten militants were killed in Husayba.

An airstrike killed six militants in Baghdadi.

A militant leader was killed in Garma.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.