Mortar Attack on Baquba; 131 Killed across Iraq

Protestors sparred with police in Iraqi Kurdistan on Thursday. Although demonstrations have taken place for several days, a meeting between five Kurdish parties appears to have heightened the tensions today. Delayed paychecks and releated economic woes are the main causes of the protests.

At least 131 were killed and 42 were wounded:

At least 27 people were killed in a mortar attack in Baquba. At least 16 others were wounded.

In Nineveh province, militants executed four men by tossing them off high buildings. The men were accused of being homosexual.

Gunmen killed an intelligence officer and his bodyguard in Kirkuk.

In Baghdad, two people were killed and six were wounded when a bomb exploded near shops. A bomb on a bus wounded eight passengers.

Three soldiers were wounded in a blast in Tel Msheihda. Airstrikes killed 16 militants.

Militants abducted 200 people in Kirkuk, claiming they had cooperated with security forces.

In Makhmour, a roadside bomb killed 21 militants and wounded three more.

Fifteen militants were killed in Albu Aitha and Albu Faraj.

Nine militants were killed and six were wounded during operations in Garma.

Rockets killed nine militants in the Madyaq area.

In Baiji, eight militants were killed. Commandos killed 13 more.

Five militants were killed in Ramadi.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.