Battles and Executions Leave 283 Dead across Iraq

The Iraq’s foreign minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has asked the Turkish government to coordinate its operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) with the Iraqi military. However, the Iraqi military does not operate near the Turkish border. That region is under the authority of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

At least 283 were killed and 54 were wounded:

In Mosul, militants murdered the director of a radio station who was arrested several days ago. Five mukhtars were executed. Militants also arrested 26 people who had served in the armed forces. It is unclear if any of these people were among the 32 Iraq soldiers who were executed. Militants also euthanized 15 of their own, who were maimed in battle to a degree that the militants could care for them. An airstrike killed a wali. Also a church was destroyed.

A roadside bomb in Jalawla killed one person and wounded two more. The wounded were the city’s mayor and a Kurdish Asayesh agent.

Gunmen killed a police officer and wounded another in Baquba.

Airstrikes in Salah ad Din province left 90 militants dead.

During the liberation of the Daquq area, at least 36 militants were killed and 40 were wounded. Peshmerga casualties were reported several days ago.

An airstrike on Albu Aitha left 27 militants dead.

At least 24 militants were killed and 11 were wounded during a failed drive on the Mosul Dam.

Eighteen militants were killed during clashes in Baiji.

Eighteen militants were killed by Baghdad Operations Command forces in Garma.

A dozen militants were killed when clashes broke out at a university in Falluja. Security forces killed a militant leader. An airstrike in a car bomb factory killed several more militants.

In Husayba, a militant was killed.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.