ISIS Militants Execute Their Own; 321 Killed across Iraq

Gunmen wearing military uniforms kidnapped 18 Turkish men from a worksite in Baghdad. Some believe it may be in retaliation for Turkey launching airstrikes in Syria. The men were working on a sports stadium in the Habibiya district.

The Pentagon believes that Islamic State militants have retaken parts of Baiji, again.

At least 321 were killed and 49 were wounded:

Two suicide bombings preceded clashes that left 11 security members dead and 16 wounded in Haditha. Mortar fire at a nearby dam left three security personnel dead and six wounded.

In Tel Saqif, eight Peshmerga were killed and two were wounded during a mortar attack.

Five people were killed and eight were wounded when Iraqi aircraft bombed Albu Shejil.

A car bomb in Khalis killed four people and wounded eight more.

In Salah ad Din province, a young widow self-immolated after refusing the marriage proposal of a militant who had murdered her husband.

In Mosul, executed four young men who tried to escape the city. Militants killed 112 of their own, who were accused of organizing a coup.

Federal police killed 57 militants near Husayba.

Near Jazira, militiamen killed 35 militants.

Airstrikes on Qayara left 25 militants dead including the head of their river police.

Security forces killed 16 militants in Juba.

Sixteen more were killed in al-Sater and al-Sanjaq.

In Alous, 16 militants were killed.

Six militants were killed and nine were wounded in airstrikes near Ramadi.

Dozens of militants were killed during airstrikes on Qaim.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.