4,547 Killed in August Bloodshed across Iraq

During August at least 4,547 people were killed and 2,296 were wounded. These figures include civilians, security personnel and militants. At least 350 were killed and 10 were wounded in more recent fighting.

The casualty figures compiled in this column during August were 1,464 killed and 1,179 wounded. That includes 1,017 civilians killed and 818 wounded. These figures were compiled from media reports.

The United Nations, which has team members on the ground in Iraq, found 1,325 dead and 1,811 wounded. These numbers do not count militant deaths. Of those killed, 585 were civilians. The number of civilian wounded was 1,103. These figures should be considered the absolute lowest possible casualty numbers. The true number of dead and wounded is likely much higher.

The Anbar Health Department reported 39 killed and 148 injured. These numbers are not including in the U.N.’s figures above and are clearly only a small percentage of the true figures.

At least 3,183 militants were killed and 337 were wounded as well. While the government is likely exaggerating the number of militant deaths, the casualty figures for security members are undercounted again this month. Vague reports frequently hint at the amount of violence, but the Iraqi government has been tight-lipped throughout the war with ISIS/DAASH.

At least 63 members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) were also killed, by the Turkish military, but they are not being counted in these final figures.

Combining the recent U.N. figures with those released in the media throughout the month, at least 4,547 were killed and 2,296 were wounded during August. In July, at least 4,693 were killed and 2,210 were wounded.

In other news, M.P. Farhad Qadir warned parliament that any attempts to put Iraqi forces into disputed areas will be met with resistance. There are plans to form national guard units that will fall under the authority of the Iraqi Army. Thanks to re-capturing territory from the Islamic State militants, the Kurds have been able to expand their territory into areas that were once traditionally Kurdish but had been “Arabized” under Saddam Hussein.

September opened with 350 killed and 10 wounded:

Fighting continues in Baiji, but reports are thin with details.

In Haditha, five suicide bombers and a concurrent mortar attack left 12 security members dead and eight wounded.. Thirteen militants were killed in a U.S. airstrike.

A Peshmerga member was treated after what is believed to be a chemical attack near the Mosul Dam yesterday. Yellow gas was seen after a rocket fell at the member’s location.

A soldier was shot and wounded in Haswa.

Militiamen killed 180 militants during operations in Shirqat.

In Jazira, militiamen killed 35 militants.

Security forces killed 31 militants in Baghdadi.

Fifteen militants were killed in Ba’shiqah.

In Tikrit, thirteen militants were killed.

Twelve militants were killed in the Hawija or Makhmour regions.

Five militants were killed in Tel Albu Jarad.

In Garma, five militants were killed.

Security forces in Fatha killed a militant leader and two bodyguards.

In Baaj, three militant leaders were killed.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.