Bombers Strike in Baghdad; 479 Killed Across Iraq

A rare suicide attack took place in the Kurdish capital on Friday, as other militants targeted Baghdad. At least 479 were killed and 72 more were wounded there and across Iraq.

A series of blasts occurred across Baghdad on the prayer day. In Amil, 13 people were killed and 24 were wounded when a bomb blew up at a souk. Fifteen people were killed and 26 more were wounded in an explosion at a Habibiya car dealership. Four people were killed and nine were wounded by a blast in Baghdad al-Jadida. A bomb in Doura killed three shoppers. Another three people were killed in bombing. Two Sahwa members were killed in yet another bomb attack. Gunmen killed a civilian in Zayouna.

In Arbil, a suicide car bomber killed three people and wounded 14 more outside the U.S. Consulate. No Consulate staff members were among the victims, but at least one American was wounded at a nearby restaurant where the bomber was able to explode his cargo. Peshmerga forces also killed three attackers who were supporting the bomber. A Peshmerga guard was among the wounded, but it is unclear if he was wounded during the explosion or in the heavy gunfire that followed.

According to the governor of Salah ad Din province said security forces attacked a convoy carrying former Saddam deputy and current ISIS/DAESH commander Raed al-Jabouri in the Himreen Mountains. At least 10 people were killed, including the man believed to be Jabouri. Jabouri has been reported killed previously, and this could be another case of mistaken or disguised identity. The remains will be DNA-tested for confirmation.

In Mosul, 300 former security personnel were executed. Unidentified gunmen killed four militants.

Three civilians were killed in separate locations across Muqdadiya.

A policeman was killed and wounded two more in Maya.

In Baiji, militants set fire to highly flammable materials housed in tanks. The fires have created a thick smoke that the militants are likely using as cover from aerial surveillance. Still, security forces were able to recover the nearby towns of Mazra’a and Malha. Sixteen security personnel were killed by a blast at a booby-trapped house.

Islamic State militants pushed further into Ramadi. Security forces won back the suburbs of Albu Jenfer, Albu Suda, and Janabin.

Airstrikes in Saqlawiya left 40 militants dead and many more injured.

Thirty-one militants were killed in clashes with Peshmerga forces near the Mosul Dam.

In Tal Keif, at least 26 militants were killed in clashes with Peshmerga forces.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.