109 Killed across Iraq as U.S. Begins Airstrikes in Tikrit

On Wednesday, Baghdad requested U.S. airstrikes to help dislodge militants in Tikrit, and warplanes began flying those missions. The strikes coincided with the resumption of an operation to liberate Tikrit that stalled two weeks ago.

Shi’ite militias have been accused of kidnapping 125 people in Dour and not allowing refugees to return to their homes.

At least 117 were killed and 27 were wounded.

Four soldiers were killed and six were wounded in heavy clashes with militants in Garma. Six militants were killed, including a suicide bomber, and another three were wounded. At least 48 more militants were killed in fighting.

Clashes in al-Mazra’a left one militiaman dead and 14 wounded. Seven militants were also killed.

In Mosul, four children had their hands cut off for stealing. Three brothers were beheaded. Four militants were killed in an airstrike.

Several civilians were killed when mortars struck their apartment complex in Amiriyat al-Falluja.

In Anbar province, 25 militants were killed.

Fifteen militants were killed in Dujail.

In Qadisiya, four suicide bombers were killed.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.