Iraq: Dozens Killed in Battles in Tikrit and Anbar

Dozens were killed in fighting today, but few exact numbers were released.

Even with Sunnis joining the fight against the Islamic State in Tikrit, Shi’ite militiamen are still burning down Sunni homes in such villages as Abu Ajil, where dozens of militants were killed in fighting.

The city of Alam has been freed from militant control. Witnesses have seen residents already return to the city, which is just north of Tikrit. Dozens were killed.

Heavy fighting was reported in Qadisiya.

Militants say they beheaded three men, two of them for alleged homosexuality and the third for cursing God, at an undisclosed location in Ninewa province. There is no confirmation of these deaths.

Eight civilians were killed during air strikes in Tal Kief.

In Garma, an Iraqi general was killed in clashes. Fifteen militants were killed in airstrikes. A hospital in Falluja has received more than 150 casualties from the fighting, but exact figures were not released.

A roadside bomb killed seven federal police near Samarra.

In Baghdad, a body was discovered.

A church was blown up in Mosul. Militants executed an Iraqi army officer.

In al-Ietr, 35 militants were killed.

Security forces near al-Baghdadi killed a militant leader and four bodyguards.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.