Hundreds of Militants Reported Killed Across Iraq

Well over 500 militant deaths were reported today. The figures were released by government agencies and not independently confirmed. Overall, at least 585 people were killed and 77 were wounded across Iraq, assuming those figures are accurate.

Baghdad Operations Command reported that 434 militants were killed and 56 more were wounded during operations in Baghdad, Anbar and Salah ad Din provinces last week. An official from Tigris Operations Command said that 60 militant graves were found near Sayed Abbas village.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed one civilian and wounded six more. A dead body was found. Gunmen killed a civilian.

Two roadside bombs in Baiji killed six security members and wounded four more.

In Adhaim, clashes left three security members dead and six wounded. Security forces killed nine militants.

Two policemen were killed and two more were wounded in Sherwin when explosives in a booby-trapped house were detonated.

Twenty militants were killed in battles in the Hamrin Mountains.

In Shirqat, 13 militants were killed.

An airstrike killed 13 militants in Thraa Dijla.

The bodies of 10 militants were found in Muqdadiya.

In Albu-Elwan, seven militants were killed.

Four militants were killed in Mansouriya.

Security forces killed two suicide bombers in Baquba.

A militant was killed in al-Shurtan.

A roadside bomb targeting militants in Qayara wounded five of them.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.