Mass Graves Uncovered; 157 Killed in Iraq

At least 157 were killed and 57 more were wounded in the latest violence and discoveries. Meanwhile, more information about Canadian troops in northern Iraq was released.

Canadian troops have been directing air strikes from the ground in northern Iraq, according to Brig. Gen. Mike Rouleau, the commander of Canadian special forces. Also, it was revealed that a firefight involving the Canadian troops last week took place near the Mosul Dam. However, those soldiers were not engaged in directing the strikes at the time.

Two mass graves were discovered in Saidiya. They contained the bodies of 15 civilians and 11 Kurdish security personnel. Authorities believe that the graves are several months old.

Militants in Mosul executed 13 boys for watching a televised soccer match.

In Baghdad, a blast killed five people and wounded 11 more near a clinic in Baghdad al-Jadida. B.O.C. killed 70 militants and wounded 14 more. A body was found in Mashtal. Another body was found in Hurriya.

A bomb on a minibus in Sadr City killed three people and wounded nine more.

At least three men were executed after 15 pigeon breeders were rounded-up

Clashes left one Peshmerga member wounded and four militants dead in Salihiya.

Gunmen killed one civilian and wounded another in Taba.

A bomb in Nukhaib wounded two policemen.

In Abu Saida, a bomb wounded a policeman.

Violent clashes took place near Ramadi at the home of Sheikh Abu Risha. A suicide bomber killed three security personnel and wounded 18 more.

A roadside bomb in Latifiya wounded several military personnel.

In Sabaa al-Bour, 24 militants were killed.

An airstrike in Sensel killed a militant videographer and his aide.

Many militants were killed when they attempted to attack the al-Waleed border post near Syria.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.