Mass Grave and Executions Push Iraq Tally to 129 Killed

At least 129 were killed and seven more were killed.

Parliament speaker Selim al-Jabouri met with retired U.S. Marine General John Allen this week and asked him to tell U.S. President Barack Obama that the international effort against the Islamic State militants is lacking.

Yazidi captives are reportedly being forced to donate blood to wounded Islamic State militants.

A mass grave containing 16 bodies was found in Koubashi.

Militants in Garma executed 11 members of the al-Jumaili tribe, including a boy under 15. Security forces killed a militant commander and seven aides.

Two bodies were found on a farm near Baquba.

A sticky bomb killed a civilian in Taji.

In Husseiniya, a body was found.

Militants executed 56 of their own for failing to capture Gwer.

An airstrike killed 16 militants preparing to attack Haditha.

In Anbar province, 13 militants were killed and six were wounded in an airstrike on a captured school builiding.

Security forces killed 12 militants in Ramadi.

Ten militants were killed in Tikrit.

An airstrike killed six militants in Zab.

In Diyala, militiamen killed four militants. Seven were killed in an airstrike.

Three snipers were killed in Bablan.

Police in Ashayiss killed one gunman and wounded another.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.