65 Killed across Iraq, Dumped Bodies Are Found in River

At least 65 were reported killed and one policeman was wounded. Almost two-dozen bodies were discovered dumped in a river.

Near Kirkuk, Peshmerga forces arrested nine Shi’ite militants who were in possession of six captives, including two Kurds, who were reported missing in September. Meanwhile, Sunni townspeople in Saidiya and Jalawla are accusing Shi’ite militias imposing “anti-Sunni” rule on them. Whatever the particulars of these cases may be, the sectarian division in these contested areas could lengthen the fighting well beyond the defeat of Islamic State militants.

Militants detained 170 men from two villages near Hawija while searching for those responsible for burning a flag.

Nine members of the Zab municipal council were also taken and moved to Qayara.

In Dour, 23 bullet-riddled bodies were found dumped in the Dijla River.

In Yathrib, seven volunteer fighters were killed in a booby-trapped house.

Four Sunni clerics were killed and one policeman was wounded in a drive-by shooting in Zubayr.

Militants killed three policemen in Tikrit.

The bodies of three Turkmen were found in al-Habbash.

Two civilians were shot dead in Baquba.

In Suleiman Bek, a civilian was gunned down.

In Mosul, 15 militants were killed.

Five militants were killed in Muqdadiya.

A suicide bomber was killed in Habaniya where intense battles are occuring.

In Baghdad, a militant was killed.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.