Hundreds Reported Killed during Liberation of Duluiya in Iraq

The liberation of Duluiya has apparently left hundreds of militants dead, but this has yet to be independently confirmed. Meanwhile, the Islamic State militants are claiming to have downed a fighter plane in Diyala province. At least 437 were killed and 34 were wounded.

In Tarmiya, a sniper killed one soldier and wounded four more. Three policemen were wounded in a roadside blast.

The body of a soccer club head was found in Baghdad, a couple days after he was kidnapped.

Gunmen killed an elder from the al-Luhaib tribe in Kirkuk. Also, the body of a former Iraqi Army officer was found; he was kidnapped earlier by men wearing military uniforms.

Near Daquq, gunmen killed a civilian and a wounded another.

Eleven people were injured during a mortar attack on Amiriyat al-Falluja.

A mortar strike on a Peshmerga base in al-Khaled wounded three.

Security forces said that 300 militants were killed during operations to recover Duluiya from the Islamic State. This has not been independently confirmed. An explosion at a booby-trapped mosque killed an official with the Badr Organization.

Thirty militants were killed near the Haditha Dam.

Security forces killed 27 militants in al-Tu’mma.

In al-Bukhatieb, 17 militants were killed.

The Islamic State killed 15 of its own militants in Ramadi for refusing to fight.

Thirteen militants were killed in two incidents in Sinjar.

Security forces killed 10 militants between Ramadi and Nukhaib.

Eight militants were killed during the liberation of al-Nu’aim.

Security forces killed five militants and wounded 12 more in Khalidiya.

A civilian killed three militants in Shirqat, but 16 people were subsequently arrested.

Three militants were killed in Arab Jabour during an airstrike.

In Hawija, airstrikes killed a number of militants.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.