Peshmerga Troops Found in Mass Grave; 52 Killed Across Iraq

With the change in Iraq’s government, relations with Turkey are having a chance to reset.

At least 52 people were killed and 14 were wounded.

The bodies of 10 Peshmerga fighters were found in a mass grave in Jalawla.

A Peshmerga commander succumbed to wounds received in a car bombing last week in Zummar.

Clashes in Yathrib killed three security members and wounded nine more; 23 militants were also killed, including a wali, and several others were wounded.

In Baghdad, a dumped body was found.

Mortars wounded five people, including children, in Muqdadiya.

A Coalition airstrike in Qayara killed the militant governor of Mosul. He had recently replaced the former governor who was killed earlier this month.

Ten militants were killed in Falluja.

Security forces killed two militants in Baquba.

In Tarmiya, several militants and a suicide bomber were killed.

Many militants were killed while security forces recovered several villages in the al-Baghdadi area.

Security forces killed a number of militants in al-Sger.

A number of militants were killed in Baiji.

An attack on the Haditha Dam was thwarted.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.