Operation To Free Yazidi Town Begins; 131 Killed Across Iraq

A large number of militants were killed in northern Iraq today during an operation to liberate Sinjar. Overall at least 131 people were killed and 12 were wounded.

In a string of towns known as the “Baghdad Belt,” Sunni Iraqis are finding that the Shi’ite militias entrusted to help rescue Iraq from the Islamic State militants are also bombing their farms and burning their homes to ensure that the Sunnis remain displaced long after the militants are defeated.

A roadside near Abu Ghraib killed four people, including a child, and wounded five more.

A body was found in Sadr City.

In Baghdad, a sticky bomb killed a civilian.

Mortars wounded five people in Muqdadiya.

In Kirkuk, fights broke out on the university campus after some students raised the ISIS/DAASH flag. Several students ended up in the hospital.

Eighty militants were killed in an operation to liberate Sinjar. As many as 20 of those killed might have been executed by the militants for desertion. Coalition airstrikes led the way for Peshmerga troops to recover several villages between Zumer and Sinjar. Two Peshmerga soldiers were wounded.

At least 15 militants were killed and others were wounded near Falluja.

Twelve militants were killed in Bashiqa.

In Aziz, seven militants were killed.

Six militants were killed in Balad.

An airstrike in Mosul killed four militants.

Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Sijariya.

An airstrike in Tal Afar killed several militants.

A large number of militants were killed in Mutassim.

Six border stations servicing the border with Jordan were destroyed by the militants.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.