Iraq: 5,640 Killed in November, 465 More on Monday

November closed with fewer reported deaths than did October, but at least 5,640 killed and 2,574 wounded during the month. Our analysis is below. On Monday, at least 465 were killed and 25 more were wounded, mostly in airstrikes and battles.

In this column, counted 5,149 killed and 1,441 wounded during November. Of those deaths, 1,143 were those of civilians and security personnel. Another 1,301 civilians and security personnel were wounded. Militants lost 4,006 of their own. At least 140 were wounded.

The United Nations reported higher figures for civilians and security personnel, but they did not count militant deaths. They found that 1,232 were killed and another 2,434 were wounded. They consider their numbers to be the absolute minimum. Another 402 were killed in Anbar, according the health department. That would bring the total figures for the month up to 5,640 killed and 2,574 wounded. Last month, 6,715 people were killed and 2,805 were wounded. Due to the nature of the conflict, exact figures are impossible. These are low estimates.

The Kurds warned that they are going to tighten the border against the influx of refugees from both Iraq and Syria. They fear too many militants are getting through along with the refugees. Several other problems are cropping up as well. The owners of the private properties many are camping on want their properties back. Also, rations, such as food and soap, are running low. The number of displaced in northern Iraq is estimated to be 2.1 million. That does not include Syrians.

Today, militants attacked the al-Waleed checkpoint on the border with Syria. They killed 16 Iraqi soldiers and wounded four more. Twenty militants were killed.

Eight people were killed and 20 were wounded during a mortar attack in Balad.

Militants killed 12 Shi’ite militiamen in clashes near Samarra. An unknown number of militants were also killed.

In Baghdad, a civilian was killed, and a dumped body was found.

In Muqdadiya, seven security members were wounded. Security forces killed 12 militants.

A volunteer was wounded in a battle in Qara Tapa that also left two militants dead.

Shi’ite militants were redeployed from Jalawla and Saidiya to the town of Bashir near Kirkuk.

Near Kirkuk, 160 militants were killed in fighting, while another 100 were killed in airstrikes.

Airstrikes in northern Mosul left 40 militants dead.

In Aziz Balad, 33 militants were killed, including their leader.

The bodies of 20 militants were discovered after battles near Gwer. One injured militant asking for water was captured. A dozen other militants were killed during battles to liberate several villages over the weekend.

Fifteen militants were killed north of Tikrit.

Security forces in Anbar killed eight militants.

In Diyala province, seven militants were killed near the border with Salah ad Din province.

An emir and his aide were killed in Saidiya.

A sniper in Duluiya killed a militant.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.