Australian Strikes Claim Militants; 229 Killed Across Iraq

At least 229 people were killed, mostly in airstrikes. The Australian forces reported killed 100 alone on a mountain near Kirkuk. Another 50 were wounded.

In Mosul, militants executed two women who had run for political posts. Four militant leaders were killed in a strike.

A suicide bomber targeting troops in Trebil killed five people and wounded nine more.

Two Peshmerga officers were killed as they tried to defuse a bomb in Jalawla. Officials are asking residents not to return for at least three weeks in order to clear the town of booby-traps.

Four bodies were dumped in the Tigris River near Tikrit.

Gunmen stormed a home in Sadr City where they killed a man and three women.

Three people were gunned down in Muqdadiya.

In Baghdad, the body of a civilian was found. A number of militants were killed in a strike.

Shelling in Falluja wounded eight civilians.

Mortars injured four people in Balad.

Australian airstrikes killed about 100 militants hiding in caves on an unidentified mountain near Kirkuk. Kurdish troops assisted in the operation.

Australia also targeted militants who appear to be regrouping near Baiji and its refinery. Heavy fighting was reported.

Peshmerga forces repelled an attack on two villages near the Mosul Dam. Two suicide bombers were killed before reaching their targets in Jasa and Sahlij. Peshmerga troops then launched counter-attacked with heavy fire. Later, coalition planes bombed nearby militant locations. Many militants were killed.

Near Samarra, 30 militants were killed and 36 were wounded during highway clearing operations. Another 51 were killed in airstrikes.

Fifteen militants were killed in Ishaqi.

In Duluiya, five militants were killed and three more were wounded.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.