No Halt in Baghdad Bombings; 142 Killed, 122 Wounded Across Iraq

The bomb attacks continue unabated in the capital. At least 142 were killed today across Iraq. Another 122 were wounded.

U.S. Army Gen. Lloyd Austin III said the U.S.-led airstrikes have had a debilitating effect on the Islamic State militants, but the Iraqi army is not yet ready to attempt to recover Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul.

Former Iraqi pilots may now be training Islamic State militants on how to fly planes that were captured from Syrian air bases.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed 17 near a Baladiyat cafe and wounded 47 more. Seven were killed in a blast on a commercial street in Suleikh; another 15 were wounded. A bomb in Karrada killed nine people and wounded 27 more. A late evening bomb in Sadr City killed six people and wounded 19 more.

In Mosul, five civilians were killed in an airstrike. Sixteen militants were killed in another airstrike.

Gunmen killed a man and his wife in Khalis.

A roadside bomb wounded four volunteers in Iskandariya.

Near Trebil, nine truck drivers were abducted.

A man was kidnapped in Basra.

Ramadi is under a curfew after militants attacked. Many militants were killed in clashes.

Fifty militants were killed in Baiji.

Artillery fire in Muqdadiya left five militants dead and 10 wounded.

An airstrike killed seven militants, including a wali, in an airstrike in Tikrit.

Airstrikes in Riyadh and Zab left 16 militants dead.

In Hit, unidentified gunmen killed two militants.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.