214 Killed, 182 Wounded; Bombers Take Toll on Baghdad, Again

Bombers struck in Baghdad and nearby Meshahda, leaving scores in their wake. Half of the 214 killed on Saturday were civilians and security personnel. Another 182 were wounded, almost all over them civilians.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed 13 people and wounded 28 in Kadhimiya. A car bomb outside a Shoala ice cream shop killed eight people and wounded 24 more. About 30 minutes later a suicide bomber killed 18 people and wounded 41 more a few hundred yards down the street

A suicide bomber in Tikrit killed 27 people and wounded 32 more.

A suicide bomber killed 14 and wounded 27 near Meshahda. Women and children were among the casualties.

Three militiamen were killed and nine bystanders were wounded at a booby-trapped house in Zelaya.

In Falluja, two policemen were executed. An artillery shell killed two people and wounded six more from the same family. 

Shi’ite militiamen, allied with the government, killed four Iraqi soldiers riding in an ambulance near Mansouriya. The militiamen said they thought the Iraqi soldiers were disguised militants.

I.E.D.s killed three volunteer fighters and wounded seven more in Balad.

A female Peshmerga fighter was killed in Kirkuk. She is the first female Peshmerga reported killed.

A clash in Albu Risha left a policeman and four tribal fighters dead.

In Abu Qarma, a bomb killed a farmer.

A woman’s dumped body bearing gunshot wounds was found in the Ezz River near Medeina.

In Mosul, five tribal elders were arrested by the militants. Separately, three militants were killed.

Militants attack Amiriyat al-Falluja. Eleven of them were killed. Four security forces were killed and two were wounded.

Sinjar resistance fighters killed 12 militants and wounded six more.

Coalition forces killed 22 militants traveling in a convoy in Anbar province.

Twenty-seven militants were killed in Balad and Duluiya.

Seven militants were killed in heavy shelling in Muqdadiya. Two more were killed in a firefight.

In Baiji, 11 militants were killed.

Security forces killed nine militants at a former palace in Shamiya.

Many militants were killed when tribal fighters liberated Towi.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.