Baiji Refinery Attacked; 271 Killed, 63 Wounded across Iraq

Airstrikes continued across Iraq and Syria, killing scores of Islamic State and other militants. Overall, at least 271 people were killed and 63 more were wounded.

U.S. forces confirmed that airstrikes were conducted along a route between Albu Kamal, Syria and Qaim, Iraq that militants have used to transport arms. Other strikes took place closer to Baghdad and near Arbil.

Militants resumed their advance on Kobanê, Syria after a brief pause. U.S. strikes in Syria may have likely driven more fighters towards Kobanê after their home bases were destroyed. A large number of Kurdish men have also been seen returning to Kobanê after fleeing to Turkey.

In Turkey, the Kurdish Communities Union accused the government of backing the militants. Turkey and Kurdish guerillas are on working on a truce after decades of fighting, and these accusations could stall those efforsts.

A senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards revealed that top Iranian general and 70 troops were involved, on the ground, in protecting Arbil from falling to the Islamic State.

Militants hiding in an orchard in Babilan village attacked a convoy of Shi’ite militiamen. At least 19 were killed and 19 more were wounded.

Eight tribal fighters were killed and 16 more were wounded in a clash with militants in Tikrit. Shelling killed 12 people and wounded eight.

In Baghdad, four dumped bodies were found across the city. A car bomb wounded two people in Radwaniya. Security forces killed eight militants.

Shelling in Falluja left four civilians dead and 13 wounded.

Two volunteer fighters were killed and five were wounded during clashes in Tawakul.

In Ramadi, two policemen and a tribal fighter were killed in a clash that also left 11 militants dead.

Militants attacked the Baiji Refinery where many of them were killed. At least eight of them were suicide bombers. Nine soldiers were also killed. There was significant damage to the refinery.

Security forces killed 84 militants north of Baghdad.

Airstrikes in Saqlawiya and Garma left 34 militants dead.

In Jurf al-Sakhar, 26 militants were killed in airstrikes.

Airstrikes killed 21 militants in the Kirkuk area.

Security forces killed five militants in Muqdadiya. At least 10 more were killed in other operations.

Three militants were killed during clashes in Iskandariya.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.